August 31, 2009


Well I don’t know about lazy but it’s been a pretty trying time the last 2 months or so irl and I haven’t had time to put the volum ein I’d managed before which, to me is pretty disappointing.

I mean I’ve maintained a 3.5BB/100 winrate over the past 25k hands, you’d think I’d be raring to go at the tables but something seems to jump out in front of me and stop me getting in serious grind atm.

Sad fact is this week we will be decorating and re-flooring my “Entertainment” Room upstairs which badly needs an overhaul as it’s feeling old and cluttered so certain items will be bought into the room to bring it up to date, such as new sofa, new floor, better lighting, XBox 360, Projector moved and Screen put up etc, but this obviously means moving the desktop and since my laptop is most certainly from the 20th century playing poker on it is kind of like driving a car into a lake.

Still my goal for next month is 5000VPP to maintain my charge for Supernova. Obviously it’s gotten a bit harder recently but since I’m on the verge of 3/6 if I can just get 2 months in at 3/6 then I’ll make it easily, I can more than likely do it at 2/4 anyway.

21000VPP to go

Well catch ya laters

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