December 18, 2010

I Got Shot by a 40ft Martian Fighting Machine and Lived!!!

Thought that title may get someone's attention :)

Sorry I've been away for so long from the blog I know I promised I wouldn't leave but then work stuff happened, both irl work and the cool poker-based work stuff so I never found the time to sit down and write.

But it's -4C outside at the moment and we're buried under snow so I guess now's as good a time as ever to bring everyone up to date :)

1) War of the Worlds

As you can probably guess from my title I went to see the Live performance of War of the Worlds at the Manchester Evening News Arena at the beginning of the month.  You may have read how much I enjoyed the Les Miserables performance earlier in the year well WOTW was a completely different animal.  High amounts of CG and Special Effects, a massive 32-piece (I think) band and, yes, a 40ft Fighting Machine model which shot lights at the aduience and had a built in flamethrower which made parts of the stage explode

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All very nice.  For those you haven't heard the War of the Worlds Musical...WHAT THE FUCK!! Go listen to it now!!  To be honest it'll probably go some of the way to explaining he enormous hatred I have of the Speilberg/Crusie abortion of a movie which was done based on the original story.

Before anyone flames me for the opinion you have to understand where I'm coming from.  I grew up with this musical (I still have the original LP somewhere) scaring the shit out of me at 3-4 years old and and, subsequentailly dug into both the book and the mucial quite a bit.  Now the musical does take some liberties with the storyline I'll be fair, the Parson having a wife for one, which was inserted so they could use "Spirit of Man" as a song and naming the Journalist's wife, which never happens in the story, and putting a face to the Martians by showing them planning the invasion at the beginning of the musical painting them in a slightly more sympathetic light which probably wasn't needed and goes against the grain of the book somewhat and additionally the Thunderchild in the book did far more damage than it did in the musical but whatever these are farily small things.  The underlying notion of the book is still there.  It is a story of one man's struggle against overwhelming odds, watching how society collapses rapidy in the face of a superior forces invasion, an attack on the, at the time, rather beligerent methods the British Empire was using during the collonial days and in the end the man GIVES UP!! He runs headlong towards a fighting machine capable of setting Ironclads on fire with a single shot from its heat ray because he becomes overwhelmed at the loneliness and death surrounding him and can't take it any longer and it's only at that moment of surrender he finds out the Martians have died.

So what does the Spielberg film do?  It's a story of redemption of a deadbeat father with his children...what the hell?? You couldn't have missed the mark further if you were aiming at Texas and shot at China!!!  And as for the little girl character, yes it's a classic horror movie cliche to have the helpless child facing off agains the monstrous things happening but for the love of god it's just not needed here and her constant screaming made me want to mute the bloody sound!  The artilleryman and parson are melded into one charater which is counterproductive constricting the cast of characters he meets rather than expanding it and he's never really alone either because he's either constantly with an army (where he lets his kid go into battle...ummm), with a shitload of other people when he has to save his other kid from a Tripod, or on a March towards Boston or wherever the movie ends.  He's supposed to spend the entire 2nd half of the movie alone or with, at most, 1 person...that's the whole point!! The only reason this movie was called War of the Worlds is becasue it used Tripods, Red Weed, Aliens and the Aliens all died from some kind of bacterial infection at the end of the movie.  Every other part was pretty much fan wank or totally unrelated, and to be honest I actually think Independence Day was better (That'll get me a beating I'm sure) 

2) Real Life

This is going very well at the moment.  My vids have been well received on Pokerstrategy, got 5 out now and another 1 submitted and probably another 4-5 in production, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm going to set myself a little challenge for next year which you'll hear about nearer the time.  It's definitely been a nice Xmas looking round and not feeling guilty about presents or splashing out on someone etc.  Just wish the central heating hadn't stopped, that was annoying...

But anyway enough of my whining...good to be back, I'll try to post more often and I'll be seeing you guys soon

Merry Christmas to Everyone

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lol nice hook wp sir


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