October 31, 2010

So Starcraft II Then...

I think I'm fairly unique in the fact that I bought Starcraft II back in August and I then proceeded not to play it.

I played the original and I played Brood War but it wasn't until really this weekend I decided to sit down and beat the campaign...and beat it I did.  Mainly thanks to Day{9}'s incessant "Pylons and Probes" mantra.

I made some hideous mistakes, the biggest one being "Get the Psi Disrupter and then Never Build It".  Another being "When your enemy has a 1-hit kill attack, spending a shitload of time on Battlecruisers may not be very clever".

Very enjoyable game and I'll probably play through again to do a couple of different things and get some acheivements but it got me to thinking about the terms "macro" and "micro" and how they can be applied to poker...I'm sure someone has already done this but i can't remember who and this is my interpretation of it anyway.

I think a lot of players especially at low stakes concentrate on micro before macro.  In Starcraft terms it'd be something like

n00b: Hey look how well I can control these 8 blink Stalkers
opponent: Lol 40 MMM Death Ball You
n00b: OMFG.

In Poker terms it's more like "Oooh should I check/raise the river, or how balanced is this play, or My WTSD is 38.7 is this ok? " Rather than "I should never have been in this spot/game in the first place should I?"

I'm going to take some time to develop this idea but in a way I think it may be why some players have a lot of trouble getting out of the micro/small stakes.  Deathdoney once alluded to how in homegames people got amazing FPS and it showed an underlying insecurity about their standard play.

I think this is 100% true with a lot of small stakes players, as long as the macro part of your game is fine, you're going to win at small stakes, worry about micro when you're up against players who care what you're doing.  Solid brings home the money at small stakes and in good games and that's the way it's been for a long time.

In related news my first video came out and was greeted with thunderous applause and marriage proposals....

Ok I'm lying but it did go over very well so it's a start and it's great to be back playing 2/4 and up again.

In non-related news someone in the USA, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, introduced me to sushi...and I now can't get enough of it...meh at least it's healthy..apart from the salt content but screw that...sushi!!

Have fun guys and good luck

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rootbeer 2000 posted on November 21, 2010 at 04:47 AM


Sashimi is really good too. It doesn't have all the rice and you can pair so many different vinaigrettes and veggies with it.


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