September 10, 2010

Sad but Correct

Today was a very sad day for me, last night we decided that we had to put down one of our cats.  He was 15, was suffering from cancer and, we later found out, had also gone into kidney failure and would have been disabled within 2 weeks.

So we made the correct choice and even Mum, who went in with him, said he almost looked relieved at the end and then to totally creep her out when she got home a black cat just wandered onto our drive and sat in front of the car.  Maybe a message saying "You did the right thing"?  I don't know and not sure I believe in that stuff anyway but I am sure we did the right thing.  A life in pain is no life at all.

What with what happened to the other cat, he's still around and daft as a brush by the way, along with everything else 2010 has not been a very good year for us but nothing to do but keep plowing on and pick ourselves up and keep going.

I actually had a wierd dream, yes i know boring.  Poker rarely intrudes upon my dreams but it did here and for some daft reason I was playing NLHE.  And I got it in on a 983 flop with A9 vs 2 players and they somehow both had 88 (yes my mind's fucked up).

I won the hand though despite the narrow odds, despite the fact the hands were impossible and it deified all logic I won...and I'm not giving up now either despite the shitty year 2010 has been.  I'm too stubborn to quit and at the end of the day I'm going to beat every obsticle before me and look back on the bad days we've had with pride when it's done.

No matter how bleak things look I'm not going to stop fighting, that's all anyone can do.  I've said goodbye to a cat I loved and I'll probably take a few days to collect my thoughts, and then I'll be back fighting again, I don't know any other way.

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