December 20, 2009

Final Grind is on...

10 days to go and about 11k VPPs, not so bad considering I’ve been v busy in run up to Xmas and now I’ve only got 3 working days left in the year.

What a wierd day today was:

Shipped 40BB in my first session to some of the most sickening hands I’ve been involved in, fortuantely and a brief hate-filled tirade 2 hours later I took them all back and then backed over the carcass I’d left in a 4×4 and took another 25BB or so on top of it because I’m a meanie….

Road home begins now:

3 hours a day on the 3 remaining work days
5 hours on non-working days

And if it all goes well I may even let myself sit in a 5/T game towards the end just to dip my toe in the water for next year…but we’ll see.

I’ll post updated progress from here on out:

Just checked stars and I have 11005VPPs to go.


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