July 24, 2010

Road to Robusto Continues...

...very slowly.

I took a few days off at the beginning of last week.  I was wound up to the hilt and I think if I'd have kept going I would have had to answer some very difficult questions like "Why does this person no longer have a head and there's a strange smell coming from the deep fat frier, do you know anything?"

I was hoping to get back to some level of sanity but obviously based on recent events that's not happening soon.  I've witheld making any comment because to be honest all I feel about it is upset more than anything so I really don't want to delve any further at this time.

I am going to continue the RTR series for the moment, I'll keep churning out 1 vid a week.  I got some decent feedback, on Skype at least, on my first vid so I might as well keep it going despite the fact it took me 24 hours to produce the last one becasue I was so immensely unsatisfied with how it was being produced and in the end I gave up and downloaded Camtasia 7.  That's gonna cost me if I don't ahve a good August :)

I'll record either tonight or tomorrow and then produce a little after that.  I know all the settings I need to use now so it's no biggie.  I'm not going to be around as much for a little while.  I think I just want to get back to the grind and hopefully things will begin to settle down but given my recent record on "Things settling Down" it may be more than a little while.

Take Care Guys


Posted By Boomer at 12:15 PM


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rootbeer 2000 posted on July 25, 2010 at 05:33 AM


Hey Boomer, I just DL'd your vid and will take a look at it, not that I can add any value to your game, except maybe 3bet K9s a bit more. It's golden, I tell ya! Hope you're doing well.

Boomer posted on July 25, 2010 at 10:04 AM


Hey Rootbeer :)

I think I iso K9o is that good? :)

I'm ok, little sad at recent events but gotta keep plodding along. I'll have another vid out sometimes today hopefully. Take Care.


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