July 03, 2010

Busy Month

I noticed in June I made about 1/3rd as many blog posts as I did in the enitrety of 2009.  Obviously I didn't start my blog in January 2009 but that kind of shows what effect the World Cup and a great holiday has on me.


I logged onto Full Tilt last night to discover I only had a week of bonus time left.  Since I came back from the US my life has been going at 100mph, except the week when I had Grade A man flu (Still have a plegmy cough) and felt more like just curling up in a ball that doing anything.

I wish I could be more forthcoming about the changes that have happened but I hope that readers will understand I don't really want my current thought process with my personal long term goals on a public forum at the moment.  I hope I'll be able to have some news soon but currently I'm going to keep tight lipped.

I have managed to finish a couple of personal projects such as one, what will probably be, last video walkthrough for GameAnyone and I've managed to finally recover from that shambolic mullering England got handed out by Germany.  Good luck to the Germans today by the way, the way they played us off the park it should be a great game vs the Argentinians.

Poker-wise things have been very slow.  Most of my poker buddies are either in Vegas or otherwise engaged so being on UK time means it's been a bit of quiet time recently.  I logged into Full Tilt last night and discovered that I only have about a week of bonus time left so I'll be cranking up the volume in the next week or so now I'm through month end at work.  After that, I don't know, we'll see how the bankroll situation is although I do have plans once it hits the $2-2.5k point. (Currently at about $1500 after a metric shitton of cashouts and not much play).  I'll probably do the Rush Poker promotion as well, I don't mind Rush poker, it's a quick way to get hands in and that's about it.

Hopefully July is the point when I start turning things round and can really look towards the future because for the past 9 years all I've done is look back in anger or look at the present/near future with trepidation.  Maybe I can change that now.

Speaking of not looking Back in Anger...if you're not a fan of Oasis, here's 100,000 people who would like to respectfully disagree :)

(Alright a ton are probably Mancs so it won't be THAT respectful)

Take Care Guys



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