June 27, 2010

England vs Germany - Action Points

Just a few things to look out for in todays game which could swing the balance:

1) Milner/Johnson

I think this may be the key to England's victory if we can pull it off.  I think Germany's left-flank is defensively vulnerable and if Milner can deliver some of the service he did vs Slovenia and Johnson back him up then there could be a lot of joy to be hand there.  Also if England do have a lot of joy down the left flank this will more than likely pull Podolski further back up the pitch where he can't do any damage and if Schweinsteiger has to get involve then it opens up the middle more to do some real damamge.

2) Rooney

Plainly put I think if he shows the form he did in the early-mid season for Man Utd England will win and there is no doubt about it.  I don't believe Germany can handle him if he's on top form.  He's been off form so far this World Cup but there's no better place to come back to form and the noise from the England camp is he's up for it.  He also must keep his head.

3) Barry

He's going to have to keep a tight lid on Ozil.  If he doesn't then the german playmaker is going to have a field day.  Barry has been good defensively so far this World Cup but his distribution has been woeful and there's doubts if this goes to Extra time about his fitness in my eyes.  This could very well be a massive point in the game.

4) Terry/Upson

Upson's game saving tackle vs Solvenia and Terry's now famous 3" off the ground attempt at a diving header have shown how much this means and they'll have to be on their game again today.  Klose has a bit of a rep as a bullier of lesser teams, kind of like the rep Peter Crouch has for England, but you can't deny his goalscoring record.  Upson and Terrry will have to be on their guard.

5) The Referee

This is going to be a tense, high emotion game.  We do not want a referee throwing cards around early.  Tackles are going to come flying in and there are going to be hot heads out there.  If the ref starts brandishing cards early it's very likely the game could be spoiled.

So just some points to look for there....and of course this is where Gerrard is the focal point, but whatever.  That's where I think the game will be mostly won/lost.

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