June 19, 2010

Thank God Zen Doubled my Monthly Download Allowance

No It's Not For Porn you Filthy Minded Person!!!

It's because Mass Effect's on special offer on Steam for like £3 so I thought "meh why not".  The Why Not would be it's a 10 Gigabyte Download....uh oh.

And Dragon Ages is on Special tomorrow?? NO FAIR!!!

And i got Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3 for less than £20 too?  Not Fair Ever!!  Although it does mean I can give Ribbo his copy of Oblivion back...if i remember where I put it.


At least it'll distract me from the World Cup.  And yes I buy games years after they've come out...so sue me.  you gotta know a game's decent right?

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