June 18, 2010

Final Whistle (2)

Well I can't defend that.  It was woeful.  I've never seen Rooney play that poorly, Lampard was nonexistant, Gerrard was frustrated, SWP is still a headless chicken, Heskey has no confidence at all and altogether England will be lucky to get out of this group and they've only themsevles to blame if they don't.

Fine we were let down by one howler against he US but there was no excuse for a performance like that.  I have never seen an England side so bad on the ball, some of it defied logic and I'd have been pissed off at a schoolboy side being so careless in possession.  Algeria were far better on the ball than us and tidier, they just have no cutting edge so didn't threaten.

I still do think England will go through becasue, to be frank, they can't play any worse and Capello will have to do SOMETHING.

I just think we're out at the first sign of a decent team, be it Germany, Argentina, or Holland.  We don't have a chance against any of them on this performance.

Bright spots:

Defoe looked lively when he came on and in my opinion probably should have started, or at least come on 10-15 minute earlier.  Heskey was horrible first half and you could see by how he was scared of shooting he has no confidence. 

Gerrard looked better in the center...well duh that's where he's at his best.

That's about it.  The rest of them should be ashamed of turning in that kind of performance in an England shirt.  No pride, no passion no Quality.  And on the plane home if they play like that again.

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RalphZ posted on June 18, 2010 at 20:36 PM


How nice was the picture of the bird sitting on the crossbar of the Algerian goal, because nothing happened there...

Boomer posted on June 18, 2010 at 20:41 PM


I meantioned that :)

He obviously saw Heskey in our Starting lineup and went "Well I'm safe here"

OnTheRail15 posted on June 18, 2010 at 20:49 PM


It's like USA/England thought they were through after the point against each other. I'm very concerned now at the thought of having to beat an Algeria side with everything to play for, but it'll be fun watching match day three where each team controls it's own fate.


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