June 18, 2010

Half Time - England 0 - 0 Algeria


The first 20-25 minutes was about the worst I've seen England play under Capello.

We've made Algeria look like world beaters in that half and a better team would have seriously punished us.  England's defense has been ok and Gareth Barry has played well but England look lethargic, 2nd to the ball and flat-footed.  They look like they're waiting for something to happen with the chief culprit in my opinion being Aaron Lennon where a few times I've seen loose balls in his areas of the pitch and he's not been within 20 yards of it.

Heskey's control has been dreadful, Lampard has had one moment where he forced a save and Gerrard and Rooney linked better towards the end of the half but this should be a team we can comfortably beat.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Defoe and, if fit, Joe Cole in the 2nd half.

I imagine Capello will be setting the team on fire at the moment.  We certainly need something otherwise we're going to go into that last game needing to beat the only team in the group with a win and that's unacceptable.

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