June 14, 2010

My Music's Here!!

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Large Amounts of YAY!!

First of all an explantation about the picture.  I was excited to take a pic, then i realised there was a bunch of stuff on the sofa there shouldn't be in a picture so whatever, you get the gist.

I went for the easier versions of the books to get me warmed up (the most important is in the middle anyway) since I actually worked out it has now been 15 years since I had any form of piano tuition. (Of course with someone nearby going "gimme gimme" to the easy version of Phantom I proceeded to rattle off The Entertainer from finger memory and Phantom/Music of the Night to what I felt sounded about right which got me one of those "Don't do that again" looks only women can master). The exception to that rule is "The Last 5 Years".  I remember Tori saying she thought Andrew Lloyd Webber was a sadist for some of the scale changes and time changes he did in Phantom.  Well he ain't got shit on Jason Brown.  No wonder one of the lines in The Last 5 Years is "Why does this pianist hate me?".  He hates you becasue of what he has to play!!!

I'm really looking forward to this, I may not have been great when I was 12 but I had some talent and was around about intermediate exam-wise and there's plenty of years left yet.  Just a little practice....alright a lot.

And one other thing....

What kind of shapes is my cat throwing??? 

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No I don't know either


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