June 12, 2010

Final Whistle

Well overall I'm not too unhappy with 1-1 for a couple of reasons.

1) The US are better than everyone, certainly in the UK was giving them credit for.  They've beaten Spain and took Brazil to the limit recently.  They're 2nd favourites in the group so our fate is still in our own hands.

2) The reason it was 1-1 was due to an individual howler, something you cannot legislate for.  Aside from that and the US's breakaway where Green redeemed himself somewhat I think no-one could have complained if England had won converting one of their 2nd half chances. 


I think Heskey played very well

Rooney improved towards the end of the game

Gerrard and Lampard were fine if unspectacular


SWP doesn't belong in an England shirt.  He has no vision, very little skill and there are just much better players out there in his position.  He used to be something special, he hasn't developed.  This should be the last tournament we see him take any part in until he grows up as a player.

Green: What can you say?  I'd be pissed at a 10-year old conceding a goal like that

Milner: I heard he wasn't 100% so he can be slightly excused but that was pretty embarrassing.

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Badsastard posted on June 12, 2010 at 23:35 PM


I think you're right mate, the performance wasn't as bad as tomorrow's papers will make it out to be and a point is ok. However, I do think the USA are a very average side and we should have won. If we come across a good side we will struggle.

Slightly worrying is that we had made 2 substitutions after 45mins as Capello started two unfit players. How anybody would put SWP on instead of Joe Cole is beyond me.

I'm not sure who should be chosen in nets for the next game. I don't trust Green or James and maybe Hart is a bit raw.

Oh and a special mention to ITV for going to an ad break just as England were about to score, they should be banned from broadcasting football indefinitely.

Keep those footy blog posts coming - Bad.


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