June 12, 2010

I'm Drunk right?? I didn't just see that??

No no, apparently I did.

Well first half thoughts, I thought it was pretty ugly but England were just the better team showing a little bit more quality but overall very scrappy and not a lot of quality on show.

England's Goal was apparently well worked but the problem was I didn't see it because ITV HD went to an ad break by accident and when they came back 1-0 England.  To be honest I saw England scoring another before half time but nothing really materialised and then disaster.  Limiting your opposition to pot shots from 25 yards which, apart from a few hairy set piece moments was what the US had, is usually signs that you have reasonable control but what you can't allocate for is a defensive howler and that will haunt Rob Green forever, especailly if England don't win this match.

Well 2nd half just started and england look ok so far so I'll be back soon.

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