June 12, 2010

Two hours From kick off

...and I'm nervous.  Not about the game, I'm well used to England failure in major competitions but what I truly fear is how badly my Skpye is going to explode if England lose tonight.  It's going to be like watching a horror movie :( .  I'll just take a positive result plz.

On the subject of horror I'm back at the tables now for the first time since the US and now hopefully for a while.  It's started off well, won 25BB this morning at mostly super short games at 1/2.  I think I'm beginning to get a handle on the games, at first I was baffled by the amount of spew going on and started levelling myself, in my opinion, into what were potentially bad plays whereas now it's more along the lines of "yes you know what he has to be doin is bad, just put up with it and beat it" rather than me wondering about "Well he SHOULDN'T be doing this with...".  Either way bit of a pickup recently and we'll see how it goes.

Also I make accidental sick A-high Value Bets.  Just sayin'

Don't know if I mentioned this but the current plan is to play on Full tilt until about Mid-July, then I'll conglomerate my existing roll into one site and I'll hopefully be back to higher stakes from then.  Exciting.

Personal life is still meh, but what are you gonna do?  I have an action plan to improve it and I just have to stick with it for the moment.  I'm actually hoping getting back on the tables will allow me to make some bolder decisions and be more dictating rather than dictated to as that's when you have the power, when the potential consequences to you of a decision are no longer the guiding factor and you can make a decision because you're confident it's right.  Sounds like tiltlessness in a way doesn't it? :)


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What is your skype?


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