May 30, 2010

Back in the Uk - US Trip Part 8

Well after a fairly uneventful series of flights with the only non-boring bit being me banging my head on the tiny plane that took me from Baltimore to Newark I am back in the UK and kinda sad that it's all over but Mike and Tori left me with one amazing parting gift (and no, not the Aquarium although that was AWESOME).  Tori had prepared a scrapbook of my visit which I am hugely grateful for even if it did almost caused me to well up like a girl over the Atlantic.

But I'm really hoping I can come back sooner rather than later.  If I'm being honest, until recently i never had much of a will to go to the States.  Now I can't wait to go back.  Only slight downside being I appear to have been a clown and left my camera in AC....ah well nothing on it i can recall anyway and I've got enough memories to last me a very long time

Thanks guys for a wonderful holiday.

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