May 08, 2010


Well new laptop arrived yesterday and I’ve been frantically trying to get it to talk to my desktop and the internets and it works quite nicely now. Got all the important stuff on it…you know, Full Tilt, HEM, my Mods, Steam….

Only 12 days now until I venture into the US assuming that the ash cloud doesn’t decide to interfere which I think would cause an uncontrollable level of sobbing and/or rage but nonetheless we shall soldier on and hopefully it’ll be all right on the night.

Those of you who read this (all 5 of you) will notice I haven’t updated the RTR in a while and that’s mainly because I haven’t been able to get a lot done…also it’s currently going badly with me dumping 100BB in 2.5k hands leaving me about $50 short of where I started…embarrassing. Not much I could do about it really, if you get cold decked over that period of hands you’re going to lose (I’ve had 3 session out of 12 where my W$SD was over 45) so there’s not really anything to report on that and I’m just looking forward to my holiday.

One random thing for UK residents…yes we failed to elect a PM, go us. Sometimes I agree with the Liveral Democrats. The current system of election renders the individual vote futile in all but marginal consituencies and genberally means that public will is not reflected in the results…not much of a democracy really. But before I start getting political I’m going to stop.

I see OTR got a cat and posted some pics so I think I will, what I can get hold of the camera. He decided to help us plan a walk last week by, and I’m quoting here, “He sat on Anderton Boat Lift”. I’m pretty sure that’s never been said before…

Take Care All

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