April 22, 2010


You know when things don’t go your way, a lot of times there are 2 options. Let it beat you or fight it. And unfortunately I’m a stubborn SOB who won’t admit defeat in anything…hell I’m STILL trying to 5 star Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 which I’m pretty sure is impossible for anyone not willing to put 8 hours a day into the game unless they’re obscenely talented to an unfair degree.

(fwiw you get something called “The Inhuman Achievement” on the XBox 360 for beating it on Expert, Medium for me thanks, and the Wii and I believe PS2, although I’m not sure, versions say “Good Luck” before it even begins, THAT’S how much this song HATES YOU!!)

So, on that note, after a really crappy week I booked my tickets to the States :)

20th – 29th of May I’ll be in the US and hopefully cramming an AC trip in there, would love to see any DC peeps in the area.

Goal before then is to run 3-4 times a week (1-2 miles will do to start I’m not gonna kill myself starting a littel slow) and either walk or do some other form of exercise all other non-running days…although shin splints are a bitch…didn’t realise I’d let myself get this bad :(

I want to get in 10k hands of 6-max in too. I’m currently on what I think is a 200BB “downswing” at 6-max. I use quotations as that’s not even a downswing in any true sense of the words and I haven’t really noticed it tbh due to the fact I’ve been playing low stakes (RTR) and have RB on Full Tilt and clearing a bonus so it’s not hurt at all in a bankroll way. But games are good and I want to get playing in them, I think I’m going to re-structure my playing to make it “end of week” heavy. Last thing I usually want to do after a 10-hour Monday is play poker so I’ve got to work around that…games are even better at weekend too :)

Now side note:

Am I going to get a horse’s head in my bed off the Euro sites for my vid? nah not important enough for that but post in the forums today did kind of highlight how I kinda ragged on them :)




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Lysistrata posted on April 23, 2010 at 13:03 PM


Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Hurry hurry May 20th!


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