April 12, 2010

Not much to say but I am still here!!

Well it’s getting around that time of year that those of us who work in accounts DREAD…yup YEAR END!!

(Oh noes pic needed)

Also given the fact I decided to randomly start doing Video Walkthroughs (my first one, Dungeon Keeper, is on GameAnyone.com…and my Youtube but wtf right?) meant my spare time was limited to like none. I do this occasionally, just go on random tangents.


The RTR is still ongoing, I’ve just been v busy recently but I want to get back on it, not just becuase I want something to put up on my blog (btw I’m down $110 so far at 1/2…I suxors but fortunately RB and bonus mean I’m up overall still if I include Rush :) )

The reason I’m so eager to get back on it is that I’ve had some REALLY good Skype discussions over the last couple of days regarding turn decisions with Showdownable hands. I’m not kidding I think I’ve gone for about 6-8 hours on this one topic which about 5 people and I STILL don’t think there’s any type on consensus….although one was reached last night but it didn’t matter becasue our opponent in the hand being discussed was GiantBuddha and he owned the fuck out of us anyway (without even being at the table w/ me) There is probably a whole series on this somewhere…maybe my theory about locking Deathdonkey, Entity and Mikel in a room with a poker subject and a dichtophone may come to fruition on this one.

Let’s see, anything else??

Oh I’m gonna see a baseball game in the States :). Now iirc a Giant Foam Finger and at least 3 hats are necessary in all games. Gotta blend in. Should be in the Country from 20th – 30th May so hoping to get as much in as possible, and I think that’s been taken care of already, and getting out to AC and meeting some DC guys would be pretty awesome. Will post more when I actually know anything….you could be waiting, I’ve got through 27 years without knowing much ;)


Planning on doing a couple of vids hopefully this week.

First will be the long promised “Rake” video which I’m sorry I’ve been neglegent on. I got all the data together over a week ago, I just haven’t had the time.

Second will be a RTR vid. Since I can hide my SN easily I figured why not do some RTR recordings and let the 1/2 guys laugh at me. Well I suppose it’s not limited to them either :)

Catch you around guys

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