March 09, 2010

Thanks For The Music Tommy

As part of my March Goals I’ve been re-listening to Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment and to be honest something I figured out is that very little makes me more content than listening to well played music, especailly classical music (Rock gets a Pass here as it’s pretty much the only from of modern music that can be adapted to be played with a full orchestra such as This Example )

Probably why I like Guitar Hero too

But anyway classical music is something I like relaxing too as, fate would have it, I do have a piano background. I got so far on natural talent and then sadly with my time massively limited I had to make a choice between all the sport I was playing (I was literally playing 7 days a week, be it Football, Rugby, Winter Cricket Nets etc) and continuing on the piano, which I would have had to sink more time into, and I made my choice and to be honest, I don’t regret the choice, I only regret the consequences. I still played occasional simple songs like Christmas Carols but never got to being able to play things like the Fur Elise.

So listening to Episode 4 of EPTPE I was listening to the reciprocalized (is that a word???) versions of certain classics enjoying what Tommy was coming up with and then the episode concluded with an amazing rendition of Heart and Soul. If you haven’t heard it go to Tommy’s site and download it because, for me, it’s so uplifting to listen to and just instantly makes me feel better. Anyone who has a gift for playing an instrument/singing or something simlar truly does have a wonderful gift in my eyes. Thanks Tommy.

As for a poker update I’m just working away at 2/4 at the moment while engaging in 3 hour chats about a single situation…ethorn I’m gonna KILL you for bringing that hand up :) Ooops guess EPTPE hasn’t quite worked yet…MORE LISTENING :)

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rootbeer 2000 posted on March 11, 2010 at 03:28 AM


Scorpions! Sick vid, imo.

Isac posted on March 19, 2010 at 13:44 PM


Scorpions :)

You have the "Moment of Glory" DVD ? Awesome stuff


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