November 26, 2009

The Long Grind Home

I’ve left myself a little bit to do this month if I’m gonna meet certain prop bet based commitments but I’m still fine with meeting them. If I have to play for 3 hours in agony on Monday after football that’s what I’ll do dammit! I ain’t come this far to lose $100 and, more importanly, my manhood due to lack of volume….wait did I mean that??


Anyway, bascially this is a call out to anyone who’s got me on Skype, feel free to have a chat with me while I’m losing my mind over the next 4 days. Current goal is about 6500 hands before the end of the weekend so I’m gonna be online quite a bit but I do have a football game tonight which I’m really looking forward too so I’ll leave some of the grinding with regard to that.

3/6 continues to go pretty well and now I’m agonisingly close to a roll for at least a decent 5/T shot however I may leave that for a little while. My current goals are to grind off Supernova and move up to 5/T IN THAT ORDER.

I am still not 100% comfortable at 3/6, although I’m almost there…I’d say 85-90%, due to the fact the games are much more aggressive and despite being around 200BB up at 3/6 over a small period of time the downspikes I’ve had in about the same amount of time it would take me to cook a stir fry leave me in no doubt of the potential of what can happen in these games if you lose control of yourself and I imagine 5/T is more of the same, just a bit worse and for almost double money.

Did the Dojo with Rob, sushi, Ms Bungle and casaubon last night and I think we had a good video. I think the Dojo’s improving week on week as we get more comfortable with the format (I think I, especially, was a little hesitant to offer comment first up but now I get to ramble as usual and it’s great) and toppics we’ve discussed and we get to really go into dissection mode.

FWIW it was my video this week and when I first submitted it I felt I played like a ten-thumbed button masher in parts but turned out it was alright in the end and overall it was a lot of fun.

I think Rob called me a nit though :(

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