March 01, 2010

Medical imo and March Goals

Well Febraury came and went with about as much fanfare as I get from walking into work each day. poker play was virtually 0 what with cat, illness, cashouts and various other things gnawing at my shins.

BUT things may be turning around for me…ish.

Bascially long story short some company fucked up what I’d told them re: life insurance and decided I needed a medical based on my supposed history of Hypertension. (That history being that I was sent to see a consultant cardiologist who’s firm opinion was that the person who took my BP on my 6’ 4" 275lb (at the time) frame with a standard sized cuff needed their head seeing to)

So wind forward to today and tbh I expected the worst, I let my weight get out of control last year, and I’ve only recently begun to correct it. So obviously all the images beforehand flash through my head of being on beta-blockers etc for the rest of my life etc.

Fortunately the nurse who came was experienced, nice and had common sense. First things first large cuff….hooray!! Second thing second…my resting pulse rate is strong and steady and my BP while a tad high (like <10 above standard on both cystolic and diastolic…HA I KNOW BIG WORDS!!) is certainly not out of order considering my body size and what was even more comforting was she said I was confirmed at 6’ 4" so I’ve not shrunk :)

Of course the bad news came in the form of my weight which left me saying “Bet that makes my BMI look bad” and she said “yeah, but the BMI’s rubbish and we’re moving away from it and anyone who applied it to you would be a fool…becasue although you’re a bit…chubby (she said this while looking afraid I might stomp on her and eat her) there are people with the same BMI who could either be humongously overweight or built of solid granite”….YYYYYEEESSSSS!!! Doesn’t mean I still don’t have to lose A LOT of weight but at least it shouldn’t hinder me too much. She seemed happy enough I’m now exercising 5-6 days a week for minumium 45 mins so that’s ok I suppose. So we just see where that goess.

So March Goals:

1) 40 hours of poker. Still playing 2/4 and below for the moment to get rebuilt as I did sack all last month
2) Start iDiet. Italian based diet with a lot of fish, tomatoes, pasta etc and small portions often….we’ll see how that works.
3) Continue exercise 5-6 times a week. Sunday now special day where we walk somewhere (5 mile + walk) and have a nice Sunday meal.

Exercise to consist off:

i) Walk/Jog at least 3 times a week
ii) Harder gym workout 2-3 times a week (treadmill, Bike, Rower)
iii) Sunday Walk every week.

Contingency plan if break:

If I must have a take-away no more than 2 in the month and I have to walk to get it (hint closest take-away is over 3 miles away) and get picked up when there so it doesn’t go cold :)

Have a good March everyone

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Lysistrata posted on March 01, 2010 at 20:42 PM


I spit water all over my laptop when I read they used a standard cuff on you. What the hell did they think your bp was? 220/160? Good job, guys.

PH has a very nice recipe for fish if you'd like it from him.

Boomer posted on March 01, 2010 at 21:35 PM


185/110 I think was the highest reading they got...*Golf Clap*

I loved the way she paused for like 3-5 seconds before using the word "chubby" though...I'm not THAT threatening and she'd just given me a good BP reading, I'm not going to eat her or anything.

Yes plz, fish recipe...any particular kind of fish you'd recommend.

Oh special request from the BoomerMOM next time you're online :)


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