March 18, 2011

Remove Self From Game...

I've been running an experiment recently using Public Transport to try and get into work.  It's lengthening my work day by 2 hours however there are some big perks.

Not the least of which is financial.  It costs me almost £200 a month to run my car (just fuel).  It costs £35 a month for a bus pass, that's a £165 or $250-ish per month saving.  I still ahve the car for weekends and other things but it's not going to depreciate to wear and tear as much due to reduce mileage so saving there.


The biggest one is it gives me time to relax.

You've probably noticed I'm a busy guy for the most part if you've known me for any time and I tend to bury myself in work a lot of the time.  It's easy to do with a car.

I get up, I get in the shower, I dress, I drive to work, I work, I drive home, I hit the PC for Poker/Work/Coaching etc.  There's no gap.  It's a standard work/sleep/eat routine and it's monotonous and boring and really rather depressing.

Now it's more like

I get up, I shower, I eat breakfast, I get lift to bus stop, I ride on bus listening to music for an hour, I get into work early so have time to get a drink etc, I work, I sit on bus for 20 minutes, I wait for 30-40 mins at bus station playing on the gameboy emulator on my new Phone, I sit on bus for 30 minutes listening to music, I get home.

It causes a break, as in EPTPE sometimes you've got to remove yourself from teh game, whether the game is work, poker, or just general hustle and bustle and it's something I realised I was good at in poker (I never play sets longer than an hour) but terrible at in life.

Now I'm forced to take breaks and to be honest, it may have been the best thing I've done in years.  The extra $250 a month's nice too :)

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March 12, 2011


You know, it has struck me recently how negative as a species we are.  I mean, I know, I was that bear at one point but over the last few months or so I've managed to do a 180 and begin to look at things from a more objective viewpoint rather than my pre-preserved emo stance that many of you may be familiar with. 

It's not even that things have been easy recently.  I'm currently running an experiment to see if I can get to work via public transport which is causing me to have 13 hour work days, never mind the whole fact I have to get up at 5:30am and I still have to produce 3-4 vids a month and play poker and yadda yadda.  There has fortunately been no fallout from the car crash I had but that still left a burning hole in my wallet, which I'm sure the service will as well and, worst of all at least to me, the cat was once again seriously ill recently and is now on "rest of life" treatment for a hyper-active thyroid which, funnily enough, leaves me as the only member of the family who's not on some kind of thyroid treatment.

However, I haven't felt the need to bitch about any of this, at least not after the immediate shock has passed.  The whole thing may be experience, we've been through things, certainly financial, in the past which so-called "experts" have said we had no right to get through.  In fact the whole fact I'm alive is a blessing in itself as when I was born there were severe complications that 10 years prior would have killed both my mother and myself in childbirth.

But anyway...

It just strikes me that the only news people are interested in is bad news.  Unless it affects them directly the vast majority of people don't want to hear good news and thus there's very little perspective.  It all smacks of an insecure society on the whole who are so obsessed with their own self-image that they take any chance whatsoever to assign blame and ridicule to others in the hope it will shift from themselves and allow them to flourish in their own mind, or at least avoid looking in the mirror to see where things may have gone wrong.

The whole phenomenon of people trying to predict the end of mankind is one that's always struck me.  With 2012, the lastest fad the doomsayers have latched onto, approaching those who have watched a little too much X-Files are beginning to proclaim the end is night, y'know just like they did in 1999, and 1987...and 1697....and 1AD....and...well since pretty much always.  I mean the question I'd like to ask is "What if you are right?  Are you gonna stand on the nearest mountain yelling "I FUCKING CALLED IT"??  We just seem to be a species which is obsessed with our own destruction, be it the recent financial chaos, the wars in the Middle East or the recent spread of Natural Disasters someone is always trying to link them together to mean the end of everything and then shouting it from the rooftops which, in my opinion, is hugely disrespectful to those who are currently suffering these events.

For these naysayers, one small reminder.

"When a man is convinced he's going to die tomorrow, he'll probably find a way to make it happen"


"Those obsessed with their own destruction pretty much guarantee it."

Personally I find it a lot more helpful to focus on what is real now.  The Natural Disaster in Japan is real and a genuine tragedy which, unfortunately, could very well get worse if they don't get those nuclear plants under control.  Thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands more have been left homeless.  That's something to be upset about and my best wishes go to everyone out there. 

And now onto something a little different...

How about some poker?  Well there's negativity there too.  You only need to look on 2+2 and other forums to see that.  A grinding upswing like someone such as WizardofAhhs or nanonoko put millions of hands into is nowhere near as exciting as a $5m crash and burn.  In fact when nanonoko had a downswing recently suddenly a ton of people jumped on it despite the fact it was probably less than 10% of his overall net worth.

Poker players on the whole, and don't get me wrong this doesn't apply to everyone so please don't think I'm lumping everyone in, tend to mirror society as a whole.  Downswings are luck and Upswings are skill.  Right?  You've heard that time and again.  There are even Youtube channels devoted to trying to prove Pokerstars is rigged usuing such stupd premises of "Only a few hundred people made $100k last year.  Stars made $500m profit...must be rigged".  The problem is people believe this because it gives them an outlet for their own frustration.  Poker is a game that very few people, it's single digits in terms of %, make any sort of money long term at.


Because it's hard and people think it's easy!!

In fact this came up recently when I was bold facedly told by someone that me playing poker, potentially for a living, and coaching etc was the "Easy way out"


At that point I felt obliged to point out that I have spent 4 years of my life reading, learning, watching videos, going through downswings, going through upswings, spending every single day involved in the game in some way, never mind the 3 years of mathematical and engineering education I've worked with which has helped me both in terms of presentation of ideas and solid numerical undertones, nor the 6 years of training in my accounting qualifications to get a job to form the groundwork of what I want to do.  There's nothing "easy" about what I, or what anyone else who's made anything of their poker life, has done.  But still that's the image, I'm apparently just one of the ones who've "got lucky".  I mean, they read a preflop chart once right?  How can they lose???

In a way it's true, I was in the right place at the right time when it came to the coaching gig, same as you have to be for almost any job, and I'm fortunate that the work I've put in during the past so far has paid off, which, for a lot of students going to university now, it actually doesn't.

But to say it's easy or to dismiss the achievements of people who've made something with their lives, be it poker or something like business, science or anything else as "got lucky" is, once again, just hugely disrespectful.

Since I do have a Classical Education, yes those 2000 year old languages really come in useful in the 2010's, I'll put down this marker:

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity".
 - Seneca

So I'm laying down the marker, hopefully, for myself for the future.  It's started somewhat by turning myself around, and trying to turn others around me around.  Yes you can look at life negatively, obsessed with the wrong and what could happen but it sure as hell isn't going to make you happy if you do.  Use that energy to create and to grow and things may just turn out right in the end...until teh next bad beat obviously :)

I understand this may have been long reading for you guys and thanks to those of you who made it :)

I'll just close and say take care and all the best

Also, watch The Leap, it's awesome and I'm pretty sure bellatrix's vids will be too when they come out.  Watch them too, in fact just watch everything....can't hurt :)

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February 18, 2011

Great Mood...

For some reason recently I've been in a great mood despite:

1) "Encountering" what appears to be a brick on the motorway and it deciding both my tyres and my alloy wheels needed holes.  I must say the car didn't drive it's nice smooth self after that...

2) The £400 bill from subsequent bump

3) The £500+ bill I'm about to receive for my car's service

Can you see a pattern here????

4) The fact I'm working in a bit of a wierd atmosphere atm, not going to expand on a public blog but let's just say I enjoy my time away.

5) Did I mention I was in an accident and consequently had to get a bus into work which involved getting up at 5:30am and getting in at 7pm??

And yet at the moment I'm wearing a beaming smile about 3 feet wide.  I swear I'd be mistaken for trollface himself if I was just bleached a bit, and maybe a bit older.

What??? 28 isn't old!!!!

The coaching and videos are going great for anyone interested in that, I think it was my 9th video that came out today and I got my first "1st" in the comments thread...I'm so proud.  I'm back at the tables and having fun, hope to have some results for y'all soon.

I'm also doing a Freespace Walkthrough on Youtube at the moment in what little spare time I have, the game's awesome and you should play it and also leads to fun bits like at the end of the below video when i kill myself with my own missile...bear in mind I haven't played this game for 5 years and bought a new joystick to play it with so I suck :)

Have fun guys and hope to see you around more....sorry for being lazy :p

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January 08, 2011


Hmm I'm certainly not in top form at the tables at the moment, I'm just trying to iron the kinks out of my play more than anything at the moment.

While I wait for some cash to clear I'm playing down at lower stakes just to get back into a rhythm and feel my way back and I felt out of whack this morning more than anything, plus my aggression was pretty much out of control, 3-betting wildly, which lead to some pretty interesting stuff happening.  I'm just not sure I really respect the stakes enough for it to have been useful to me really...that said it's getting me back used to the play again and it's been a while since I did any serious grinding so I'll let it slide for now.  Probably will invest in TableNinja though, especially if I'm serious about this Supernova and playing 15k hands a month which working full time & making videos etc lark.

It's all about getting back to it at the moment more than anything else.

In other news, a couple of things have riled me a bit recently, mainly involved with people saying they'll do something and then at the last minute after you've made preparations then pulling out and offering little to no explanation.  Obviously this is sometimes unavoidable and understandable but I fear this time I've simply been lied to/made promises that could never be kept and that's something that really gripes my wagger.  Having said that I'm sure things will work out and I'm trying to keep things looking positive throughout the year.

On a fun note, in response to yet another "Rigged" thread and the Magic16 or whatever rigged vids on Youtube I'm actually tempted to start up a channel where people just send in videos of themselves running ridiculously hot, kinda following up on PygmyHero's thread from last year.  I think I may try that as a response vid.  It'll be funny at least I think.

Take Care Guys, Boomer

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January 02, 2011

2010 Year in Review

Well unfortunately for me, thanks to a rather eventuful year away from the tables, as far as poker was concerned 2010 was a bit of a washout.

Started the year off with large optimism but real life decided kicking me in the balls was a much more fun thing to do and essentially bad thing and bad thing rained down for about the first 3-4 months of the year.  All very depressing and all completely irrelevant now.

You see at the midpoint of the year I honestly was was on the borderline of giving up completely.  I'd put so much effort into 2009 and at the end of the day, in spite of an incredbly awesome holiday to the US, I had floundered due to one thing or another.  Not going to come out and make excuses etc. that's just simply the truth.  We had a few money problems, we lost one of the cats and almost lost the other one and around about September or so I really was beginning to wonder if things were ever going to turn out for the best.  I was simply just miserable.  We'd been struggling for near on 8 years and to be honest I think I was just finally on the threshold.


Let it never be said that I'm just someone who quits and runs.  October everything changed in one month.  It wasn't just the coaching gig at Pokerstrategy, although that obviously was a great thing, the cat recovered and turned into the biggest softie you've ever seen, my dad retired, we finally paid off some debt which had been hanging over us, which my poker run had actually helped pay off so I finally got off the "Was it all for nothing?" funk. It truly was the month of miracles, I even managed to hit a Royal Flush which, no word of a lie, was the first 2-card Royal I'd ever hit.  I should have entered the Euromillions.

Amazing how everything turned round so quickly and now, finally, after 8 years of being afraid to look forward I finally can again.

So instead of looking at negative things, let's look at the good things of 2010:

1) I went to the US for the first time, had the best holiday ever, won monies at the Borg, ate at Fogo de Chao (SERIOUSLY SET UP A CHAIN IN LONDON!!! YOU'LL MAKE A KILLING!!) and genuinely stayed with two of my favourite people ever.
2) Went to my first musical theatre performance in over 20 years when I went to see Les Miserables in Salford and loved every minute
3) Got shot by a 40ft Fighting Machine at War of the Worlds Live with my old Man and it was amazing.
4) Became a coach and video Producer
5) Paid off a ton of debt
6) Now have a plush shark, donkey and panda on my poker PC desk (YES THAT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!)
7) Watched England muller the Aussies and retain the Ashes...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

So I guess 2010 was a silk purse made out of a Sow's Ear in the end.  Wonder what 2011's going to bring?  We'll here's some of what I'd like to achieve

1) Make Supernova on Pokerstars
2) First shot at 10/20
3) Make at least 36 Videos
4) Continue and expand with 1-1 and group coaching

All of the above hopefully leading down the same alleyway but let's go for some life goals....

5) Lose 40-50lbs in weight (Yearly Goal....1lb a week for a'd make such a huge difference to me)
6) Another Foreign Excursion
7) Explore various career options.  I now have the ability to choos emy own destiny's kinda nice.
8) Appreciate those around me and my close friends more than maybe I have done in the past
9) I WILL play the Last 5 Years I swear it
10) Probably not compatible with 5) but gonna try to eat, drink and be merry.  You only live once :)

Happy 2011 to everyone.  Let's make this year a special one!

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December 18, 2010

I Got Shot by a 40ft Martian Fighting Machine and Lived!!!

Thought that title may get someone's attention :)

Sorry I've been away for so long from the blog I know I promised I wouldn't leave but then work stuff happened, both irl work and the cool poker-based work stuff so I never found the time to sit down and write.

But it's -4C outside at the moment and we're buried under snow so I guess now's as good a time as ever to bring everyone up to date :)

1) War of the Worlds

As you can probably guess from my title I went to see the Live performance of War of the Worlds at the Manchester Evening News Arena at the beginning of the month.  You may have read how much I enjoyed the Les Miserables performance earlier in the year well WOTW was a completely different animal.  High amounts of CG and Special Effects, a massive 32-piece (I think) band and, yes, a 40ft Fighting Machine model which shot lights at the aduience and had a built in flamethrower which made parts of the stage explode

User Uploaded Image


All very nice.  For those you haven't heard the War of the Worlds Musical...WHAT THE FUCK!! Go listen to it now!!  To be honest it'll probably go some of the way to explaining he enormous hatred I have of the Speilberg/Crusie abortion of a movie which was done based on the original story.

Before anyone flames me for the opinion you have to understand where I'm coming from.  I grew up with this musical (I still have the original LP somewhere) scaring the shit out of me at 3-4 years old and and, subsequentailly dug into both the book and the mucial quite a bit.  Now the musical does take some liberties with the storyline I'll be fair, the Parson having a wife for one, which was inserted so they could use "Spirit of Man" as a song and naming the Journalist's wife, which never happens in the story, and putting a face to the Martians by showing them planning the invasion at the beginning of the musical painting them in a slightly more sympathetic light which probably wasn't needed and goes against the grain of the book somewhat and additionally the Thunderchild in the book did far more damage than it did in the musical but whatever these are farily small things.  The underlying notion of the book is still there.  It is a story of one man's struggle against overwhelming odds, watching how society collapses rapidy in the face of a superior forces invasion, an attack on the, at the time, rather beligerent methods the British Empire was using during the collonial days and in the end the man GIVES UP!! He runs headlong towards a fighting machine capable of setting Ironclads on fire with a single shot from its heat ray because he becomes overwhelmed at the loneliness and death surrounding him and can't take it any longer and it's only at that moment of surrender he finds out the Martians have died.

So what does the Spielberg film do?  It's a story of redemption of a deadbeat father with his children...what the hell?? You couldn't have missed the mark further if you were aiming at Texas and shot at China!!!  And as for the little girl character, yes it's a classic horror movie cliche to have the helpless child facing off agains the monstrous things happening but for the love of god it's just not needed here and her constant screaming made me want to mute the bloody sound!  The artilleryman and parson are melded into one charater which is counterproductive constricting the cast of characters he meets rather than expanding it and he's never really alone either because he's either constantly with an army (where he lets his kid go into battle...ummm), with a shitload of other people when he has to save his other kid from a Tripod, or on a March towards Boston or wherever the movie ends.  He's supposed to spend the entire 2nd half of the movie alone or with, at most, 1 person...that's the whole point!! The only reason this movie was called War of the Worlds is becasue it used Tripods, Red Weed, Aliens and the Aliens all died from some kind of bacterial infection at the end of the movie.  Every other part was pretty much fan wank or totally unrelated, and to be honest I actually think Independence Day was better (That'll get me a beating I'm sure) 

2) Real Life

This is going very well at the moment.  My vids have been well received on Pokerstrategy, got 5 out now and another 1 submitted and probably another 4-5 in production, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm going to set myself a little challenge for next year which you'll hear about nearer the time.  It's definitely been a nice Xmas looking round and not feeling guilty about presents or splashing out on someone etc.  Just wish the central heating hadn't stopped, that was annoying...

But anyway enough of my whining...good to be back, I'll try to post more often and I'll be seeing you guys soon

Merry Christmas to Everyone

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October 31, 2010

So Starcraft II Then...

I think I'm fairly unique in the fact that I bought Starcraft II back in August and I then proceeded not to play it.

I played the original and I played Brood War but it wasn't until really this weekend I decided to sit down and beat the campaign...and beat it I did.  Mainly thanks to Day{9}'s incessant "Pylons and Probes" mantra.

I made some hideous mistakes, the biggest one being "Get the Psi Disrupter and then Never Build It".  Another being "When your enemy has a 1-hit kill attack, spending a shitload of time on Battlecruisers may not be very clever".

Very enjoyable game and I'll probably play through again to do a couple of different things and get some acheivements but it got me to thinking about the terms "macro" and "micro" and how they can be applied to poker...I'm sure someone has already done this but i can't remember who and this is my interpretation of it anyway.

I think a lot of players especially at low stakes concentrate on micro before macro.  In Starcraft terms it'd be something like

n00b: Hey look how well I can control these 8 blink Stalkers
opponent: Lol 40 MMM Death Ball You
n00b: OMFG.

In Poker terms it's more like "Oooh should I check/raise the river, or how balanced is this play, or My WTSD is 38.7 is this ok? " Rather than "I should never have been in this spot/game in the first place should I?"

I'm going to take some time to develop this idea but in a way I think it may be why some players have a lot of trouble getting out of the micro/small stakes.  Deathdoney once alluded to how in homegames people got amazing FPS and it showed an underlying insecurity about their standard play.

I think this is 100% true with a lot of small stakes players, as long as the macro part of your game is fine, you're going to win at small stakes, worry about micro when you're up against players who care what you're doing.  Solid brings home the money at small stakes and in good games and that's the way it's been for a long time.

In related news my first video came out and was greeted with thunderous applause and marriage proposals....

Ok I'm lying but it did go over very well so it's a start and it's great to be back playing 2/4 and up again.

In non-related news someone in the USA, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, introduced me to sushi...and I now can't get enough of it...meh at least it's healthy..apart from the salt content but screw that...sushi!!

Have fun guys and good luck

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October 01, 2010

A Huge Opportunity....Thanks to DC

Well I can now come clean as everything is sorted.

A few weeks ago I approached as they were looking for English-Speaking talent to add to their coaching staff as they continue to expand. After submitting a Poker CV, appropriate graph and test video they have agreed to take me on as a Gold Level Coach (That’s 3/6 and below for those that don’t know).  I'm also Hand Judging for them atm.

This is an enormous opportunity for me to build a community over there as the LHE Gold community is still rather small, at least Forums-wise but is expanding and there are a ton of silver level guys (0.5/1 and 1/2) who I can help towards the 2/4 and 3/6 levels along with the micro-stakes guys.

None of this would have been possible without the support and help of the Deucescracked community that I have received over the past 3 years, giving special mention to guys like Entity (who managed to sit through 9 videos with me despite me ribbing him constantly about his complete aversion to Microsoft products) Pygmyhero and Lysistrata, (housed me in the States and have been great friends as well as poker buddies) obviously BBB who nurtured a rather frightened confused 0.5/1 player into someone a major strategy site was willing to take on as a coach and finally to all you guys in the LHE forums who have provided hands to chew over and LC/NC to laugh over. You guys are the best there is in my opinion.

I’ve known about this for about 2 weeks now but there were a couple of things I wanted to confirm before I let everyone know.

One of which was this blog:

I am allowed to keep this blog but it’ll mainly be LC/NC stuff, but then again that’s pretty much all it’s ever been anyway and I’ll mirror it elsewhere along with some poker content.

Secondly I am NOT leaving this community. In my mind that’d be cut & running and disrespectful to everyone at large. Yes I have responsibilities now and obviously my employers come first to me but I’m not exactly banned from posting elsewhere. I’ll still be around and I’ll still be on Skype etc so in my mind very little is going to change except I may be a little more busy than usual and finally I have an excuse to get off my arse and actually play some bloody poker. I’ve never really been one for post count whoring anyway.

My first few vids should be out in October and I’ll hopefully be doing some group sessions as well in the fullness of time, but for now I’ll just say thanks once again and I’ll be catching you soon.

Cheers, Boomer

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September 26, 2010

British Attitudes...

Towards Women In the home:

User Uploaded Image

Towards Women talking

Towards Women Driving:

Toward Sexual Relations

Yeah we rule!!

And yes I'm single...why do you ask? :)


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September 10, 2010

Sad but Correct

Today was a very sad day for me, last night we decided that we had to put down one of our cats.  He was 15, was suffering from cancer and, we later found out, had also gone into kidney failure and would have been disabled within 2 weeks.

So we made the correct choice and even Mum, who went in with him, said he almost looked relieved at the end and then to totally creep her out when she got home a black cat just wandered onto our drive and sat in front of the car.  Maybe a message saying "You did the right thing"?  I don't know and not sure I believe in that stuff anyway but I am sure we did the right thing.  A life in pain is no life at all.

What with what happened to the other cat, he's still around and daft as a brush by the way, along with everything else 2010 has not been a very good year for us but nothing to do but keep plowing on and pick ourselves up and keep going.

I actually had a wierd dream, yes i know boring.  Poker rarely intrudes upon my dreams but it did here and for some daft reason I was playing NLHE.  And I got it in on a 983 flop with A9 vs 2 players and they somehow both had 88 (yes my mind's fucked up).

I won the hand though despite the narrow odds, despite the fact the hands were impossible and it deified all logic I won...and I'm not giving up now either despite the shitty year 2010 has been.  I'm too stubborn to quit and at the end of the day I'm going to beat every obsticle before me and look back on the bad days we've had with pride when it's done.

No matter how bleak things look I'm not going to stop fighting, that's all anyone can do.  I've said goodbye to a cat I loved and I'll probably take a few days to collect my thoughts, and then I'll be back fighting again, I don't know any other way.

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