December 02, 2009

spewing like a freakin geyser

Feeling kinda sick at the moment…

Deposited a hundred bucks in early november and started trying to read/learn more about playing low limit nlhe online. Started at $5nl full ring and have since moved to $10nl 6 max. I’ve played just over 20k hands over the last month. I’ve played well and I’ve played like outright crap but was up a couple of hundred overall.

Then, in a moment of weakness, I thought I would sit down at a $50nl 6 max table (cue the scary music).

So, long and short of it… I loved it. Won 5 buy ins pretty quick and actually felt like I was playing poker. Life was good, my game was good and the cards were smiling on me.

Then I got sucked out on with stacks in the middle. Three times. Then I felt like if I could just tighten up and look for spots I could right the ship. I couldn’t (tighten up or find spots). Picture virtual chips being shot straight up in the air out of a cannon. The spiral continued and I lost over $200 more just tonight.

I now have less than $50 bucks in the ole account and feel like such a huge idiot. When I really started to slide I played waaaaaaaaaaaaay spewy and dumb. I totally know I wasn’t rolled to play 50nl but wouldn’t have felt too bad had I played one table and crawled back to the dime stacks after I had lost one buy in. I know better but utilized no wisdom or discipline at all. So I guess it’s back to the micro grind. So disappointing.

Anybody have a cure for the sour feeling in my stomach?

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November 05, 2009

oober noober

So I’ve been listening to the duece plays podcast for a while and I finally joined Deuces Cracked today. Maybe it will be an interesting experiment, seeing if I can learn and embrace new strategies and verbage. I’ve been reading 2X2 books for several years and have done fairly well in small stakes tournies in nearby casinos and home games. But I want to learn to be a winning online player, even at micro stakes… most of my online play has been small deposits and playing small tournies. From what I’m hearing, seems most guys prefer to grind the ring games because of less varience and quicker climbs.

Soooo….where should I start? How much of an initial deposit should I make?

I started watching Wilt on Tilt’s micro nl series today and it was really good but also kind of what I expected. One thing is that I play on a Mac and don’t have all the pc software. I have downloaded Poker Co-Pilot for the Mac and have just experimented a bit at .001/.002 and I’m really enjoying the hud! How have I played without a hud to this point?!?

There you have it. Anybody who could help a poor donkey out will reap the benefits of beautiful karma and if you help me become a money winner I might just send you out a lovely care package. Maybe.


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