November 13, 2011

starting from €16

i'm totally broke and recently got 16€ free as part of a bonus payout from an old site last week, so ive decided to just play with that and try to build up from the lowest stakes 2nl, im now at 82€ and am starting to play 4nl. I don't play much poker anymore and with having a job teaching English these days i dont have much time for it, so i guess i might be able to play around 25hours a month tops. its nice to start from nothing (the 16€ was free afterall) and just see what happens. i reformatted my pc before i came out to korea so i dont have graph or stats yet, but when im at 20nl or something i will download HEM and post some interesting hands, until then its not worth posting hands in my opinion cos these nanostakes are easy, just wait for good hands and bet for value, simple. I'm going out to learn some more korean, i expect I will be posting again in a couple of hours some new words and phrases in Konglish

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November 06, 2011


I've been trying to learn Korean. According to other waygooks here the reading is apparently 'the easiest' and you should learn that first. I think I would like to learn Hangul (Korean Alphabet) to a good standard after a few more months of being here. However from my own experience as an auditory learner I find it much better and more practical to learn how to say what you actually want to say, rather than learning different vowels and consonants and then saying words as you read them and sounding strange. There are people who have been here for ages and they speak terribly and say 'well I can read', as if it is some kind of vindication for sounding like a moron. Moreover, reading and having an impact upon the world around you are two different things entirely. For instance, imagine if everyone spoke English in just syllables and very slowly... it wouldn't be very much use when trying to do practical things like, dating, speaking with strangers, getting around, ordering food etc - I found the same true for Thai; it was much better to learn what to say and how to say it clearly and proficiently in the right situations - rather than having a vast vocabulary of practically useless words that are not important to getting what you want out of life. I've been seeing copy-bird for a few weeks now and she's been helping learn Korean in a way which fits the above description, learning the important sentences and how to say them quickly and accurately.

Yo - the polite ending to a sentence used with strangers and older people and used in formal occasions and situations
Ann yong ha say yo -  Hello
Ann Yong he jewmu say yo - good night
Ann yong he ka say yo - Good bye! (Saying goodbye to a person leaving)
Ann yong he geh say yo - Good bye! (Saying goodbye as the person leaving)
Nah jung ee ba yo - See you later
Toh man na yo - See you soon
Jal jin neh shas oh yo - How do you do?
Jal jin nehs oh yo - I'm fine thanks
Erumi mo eh yo - Whats your name? (informal)
Neh - Yes
Anni-o - No
Gam san me dah - Thank you (Formal)
Go Ma Wo - Thank you (informal)
Chon man eyo - You're welcome
Chile hab ne da - Excuse me
Me an hay (ne da) - I'm sorry (formal)
Kin chan ayo - No problem/Don't worry/Forget it
Hajima -Stop!
Noor - You
Na ga - Get out!
Arayo - I understand/I know
Ap jok - forward
Oran jok - right
Wen jok - left
Dwea jok - back/behind
Durah sohk - turn around (the K is almost silent, strange when its at the end, but imagine our words with silent letters as a comparison)
Keh Sohk - Keep going
XYZ odi e say yo - Where is the...XYZ?
Gi cha yok - railway station
Gi cha yok ee odi es eye yo - Where is the railway station? Literally Railway station, where is the?
Jo nun yong gook ehso waz ayo - I come from England
Oppa - Older Brother (basically older friend, male)
Nuna - Older sister (Older friend, female
Omaar - Mother

il 1
Ee 2
Sam 3
Sah 4
Oh 5
Yuk 6
Chil 7
Pal 8
Cue 9
Ship 10

Hana - One thing (for example, Hana mek ju se yo - one bottle of beer please)
Dugeh - Two things
Segeh - Three things
Negeh - Four things
Dah sot geh - Five things
Your sot geh - Six things
Il gop geh - Seven things
Your tol geh - Eight things
Ah hop geh - Nine things
Yoll Geh - Ten things (remember that the things are interchangeable, for example - Your sot geh tam bay ju say yo - 6 packets of cigarettes please

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October 25, 2011

these days



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September 22, 2011


Soju does this to a man

User Uploaded Image

and this

 and while sat opposite at a table from a Korean woman, the following comes to mind

 gotta love it

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September 12, 2011

Korea tomorrow!

Korea tomorrow - I cant wait


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September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

Rest In Peace all those that died on 9/11 and all of those who have died as a consequence of 9/11 in the last ten years; Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic and all religious and other belief systems alike.

10 years have passed, the world is different now, it is an event which has changed the world beyond imagination.

The past week on TV there has been hours and hours of different shows about the 9/11 attacks, its victims, Bin Laden, the wars, the conspiracies, the anniversary events.

After watching a lot of these shows my thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and that are still deeply affected by that day.

I can also say that I feel like my self ascribed 'extremist conspiratorial' stance has changed significantly.

I had previously held a pretty hard line view that the events of 9/11 were at least in some way allowed by elements of the political and economic elite, if not created on purpose in accordance with the Hegelian Principle, in order to perpetuate its grand vision as outlined in Wolfowitz Cheney 92 

"This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power."

Brzezinski's grand chess board

"It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America. The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book." (p. xiv)

And PNACs Rebuilding America's Defences 

The true cost of not meeting our defense requirements will be a lessened capacity for American global leadership and, ultimately, the loss of a global security order that is uniquely friendly to American principles and prosperity.

Now I think that these documents just show a willingness to use 9/11 as an opportunity to create the world order they had imagined in the aforementioned text, rather than to actually create the event of 9/11 itself. 

In fact the last sentence is pretty much 100% verifiable by Ronald Rumsfelds response on the day itself, attempting to tie up whatever had happened with Iraq so they could get in there like they had planned for a decade. 

I still do not know what to make of World Trade Centre 7, Able Danger, nor the Bush White House's unwillingness to create a Commission into 9/11 nor their stance on not appearing under oath during it.

In any case. Speculation is all we have at this point, since the very commissioners themselves are quoted as saying the following

Commissioner Max Cleland resigned from the Commission, stating: “It is a national scandal”

The above video leaves more questions than it answers.

Man, I'm going back in circles.

And that's the problem. We are 10 years down the line and we still dont have the full picture. We just need all of the answers. Then all of the 9/11 victims can finally rest in peace.

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September 08, 2011

cool story

Frank Abagnale 1 of 2 by mg217

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September 07, 2011

happy birthday ben

happy birthday to my friend ben cooper, you're only 21 once so enjoy it young lad!

 1:39 til 2:31 they are clearly discussing your boyish good looks :D

See you next year mate, dont ship em all.. lol -  I have just confirmed flight to Korea, Monday 12th September, 1.35pm :P

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September 06, 2011

I would like to be American for one day

just to vote for this guy

 The last prediction from April 2002 is just staggering

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September 02, 2011

great interview


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