November 07, 2009



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October 20, 2009



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October 07, 2009

My current learning focus: quitting well

After having looked at my first 70k hands @ 50nl, despite the fact that I genuinely believe I am skilled enough to C R U S H these games, I have realized that I am a very marginal loser there.. (net loss of $264 over 70k+ = 0.81/bb/100) so this really got me thinking about where I am right now as a player. Recently my focus (or lack thereof) has been on having fun while playing poker, trying new things out and seeing if I can pull off crazier and crazier plays. Thing is, this is just a no no if you actually want to win money at this game, and especially a no no at your current stakes. If you want to get creative for a while, move down a limit or two and go nuts. Really. Nobody cares that you managed to bluff with an under pair on a very wet board vs 4 players, nobody cares that you made a big call down with middle pair no kicker. Nobody.

You care about your results though.

So, what’s the most important to you? Making many fancy plays to jack off to later or having a sexy green line which will make you the envy of your peers? Or neither? Just play for the joy of the game and play to win as much money as possible.

So anyway, before I derail myself.. my current 50nl graph is horrible. The biggest downswing was over 22bi over around 35k hands. There are dozens of +10bi -10bi swings within literally 2k hands of each other. It’s definitely been a challenge coping with this. I’ve tried coaching, going for runs, doing tons (literally hundreds) of live sweats over skype teamviewer/mikogo, joining secrectHQ groups, everything I can imagine, but I still havent addressed my biggest leak. until now. I’ve been re-reading the Poker Mindset by Taylor and Hilger.

My biggest leak is not quitting when I know I should.

I should quit THE MOMENT I make a play I can’t justify, THE INSTANT I lose focus, AUTOMATICALLY when I’m in a hand and I begin to waywardly think:

I should fold this, but…
I am stuck/ahead this session , so…
He is getting on my nerves, so…
I have been running badly/well lately, so…

All the above are sure signs of TILT.

The Golden Rule of Tilt:

If you are on tilt, stop playing!

When you find yourself in any of the mental states ascribed above sit out all your tables IMMEDIATELY and quit the session.

A very important thing to remember: Combating tilt is easy, so easy, and yet I’ve managed to get it wrong so many times. I have said things to others and myself to justify staying playing at the tables like:

I knew I was tilting, but..

..It wasn’t affecting me too badly.
..The game was so good.
..I was playing well enough to still win.
..I had nothing else to do the next few hours.
..I wanted to get my money back.
..I made a goal of X hands a month/X hands a day.

This is disastrous thinking, and can only really end up tilting more of your money away.

so, my current ‘learning focus’ (something cool I borrowed from TRD23 on 2+2 and PS+) is to quit well.

I’ll keep you updated

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September 29, 2009

PERformance Formula

Consistent PERformance in poker, as with anything, is a difficult thing to grasp.. but, with the help of this formula, you should be seeing significant improvement in your poker performance..

ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly introduce.. the PERformance Forumla

P – Prepare
E – Execute
R – Review

Prepare - before you begin a session, a hand, a betting decision, make sure you are properly prepared. Are you comfortable, do you have a clear and fresh mind, have you looked at your opponents, what kind of a mental state are they in, what kind of a mental state are you in? Ask yourself these questions before every time you sit down to start a session, play a hand or make a betting decision.

Execute - this is actually a very simple part in the process, since you have prepared properly, now you just have to follow through your plan.

Review - After each session, hand or even betting decision, take some time to review the pros and cons of each move you chose to make. Review the hands you had trouble with, mark them in HEM and take some time to come up with ways to better prepare for next time..

Thats it.. with this PERformance formula you will soon be playing much better poker!

Good Luck :)

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May 15, 2009

Summit 2009

The purpose of this post is pretty simple. I have some targets for the rest of 2009 and here they are.

Play 4 tables of 6max for 2 hours every day

one hour, break, one hour.

Always have at least 30 BI’s before moving up.

Play using HEM always.

Play tight, solid, aggressive.

Withdraw ONLY your rakeback and save it up in a separate account

Month – - Rb target

June £150
July £150
August £200
Sept £200
Oct £250
Nov £250
Dec £300

Dedication: – the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action

make the most +EV decisions you could possibly make … and get constantly better …

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May 10, 2009

The Ten (or near abouts) Poker Commandments

“Poker is a game in which you are rewarded for making good decisions and punished for making bad ones. The merit of your decisions is dependent on how well you process various types of incomplete information.”

What can be taken from this is therefore, as a poker player, you are a situation processor; There are many possible situations in poker, process them well and you profit.

Be well hydrated, fed, warm and comfortable. Have a desire to play and a desire to process the situations as best as you can. Play as much A-game as possible by consciously choosing to play less C-game. Play in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and with an analytical mindset.

Play in a positive mindset – play happy, play aggressive, put people to decisions, play within your roll, play positionally aware, power poker.

Set positive goals – doing goals.

Look for weaker tables, and leave to find better tables if your current line up is tough.

Play positionally – play PP’s and big suited broadways UTG, fold smaller suited connectors and gappers. Widen this from the CO and Button.

Put your opponent on a range of hands and narrow this range as streets progress, work out your plan of attack based upon this range.

Bet if you can get value from an inferior holding, or if you can get a stronger holding to fold.

Have a clean break from a session every 90 minutes.

3 BI’ stop loss, if the fog has hit – quit!

Every session is a chance to improve, so review your hands and post those HH’s!

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