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Likes the Wall-Street 2 line "Money is not the prime asset in life - its time"

Having the ability to generate and execute ideas

'The creatives compromise' If you have alot of good ideas, but not productive, you will never realise any of these good ideas. Productivity is an essential component. Conversely you can be very productive but have few ideas and you will make some things happen. The lesson to take away from this is to realize that to be successful, you need to execute, you need a concrete plan, and to walk up all of the steps in that plan until completion


played a lot a helluvalot

played 5-6 years before had a huge amount of success

immerse yourself in the subject and you will improve

emotional control is very very very important

quit early, take breaks, move down when you are running bad, tilt is destructive, become self aware

always ask WHY

"Everyday if you do better than you did before, even if its a little bit, then that day is a good day."


Harrassed people for advice none stop, gradually things got more natural

Have Confidence-

Have the attitude of noone can beat me

Most so-called 'good players' are not that good, so play them

Be Humble -

Send hand to people, even if u think you may be better than them, have an open mind

Be able to review your sessions and be honest

-Be perfect

Make the play you know is best, nothing is stopping you from making perfect play

Anytime you make a mistake that you didnt have to make, you are only hurting your bottom line

Have the attitude of always trying to make the best play possible

Use every resource at your disposal, do everything you can do to maximize your winrate - it all adds up massively

Know the math and know it really well


Tilt, really? Are you still tilting!? have you been playing poker for years and you're still tilting? Stop acting like a child! So long as you are playing games you can afford to play, you should never be in trouble, you follow proper BR management right!?


Focus your mind and your energy on things that are positive! After losing a big pot, think did I play that right? And be HAPPY you did.

There is nothing to be gained by focusing on badbeats. Focus on improving and focus on the positives.

Stay mentally and Physically healthy - work out, have social life, eat well. Your mind needs to be healthy to play good poker


If he makes a mistake, he learns from it

Emulating another poker player has good and bad sides, learn how to play the game first and incorporate plays when and where appropriate

Expectations can be pretty brutal, so be realistic

Dont expect to win every day, just put a process in place that helps you win more often

At the same time if you expect to lose when you are playing, its a poor attitude too, think rationally and make the best play

Keep in touch with the community, keep in touch with reality

When your life is dependent on a turn or a river card, its no good!

Welcome the run good, welcome in the biggest heater of your life!

Chasing losses is -EV, you are playing far from A game, and it can leave you feeling overwealmed

Going bust can be a chance to reset, dont have unrealistic expectations

Poker can be a lot of work... remember that the process > the event

Put in time away from the tables

If you cant take a two outer, you shouldnt be playing those stakes

Have high ethics and be a nice guy!

**DJ Sensei**

Likes to be healthy, has a math brain and is competitive

Be surrounded by successful people

Helpful and supportive forums help alot

Learn how to play a good spread of games and be able to win at all of them, being able to play a wide variety of games is a really useful thing

Have hobbies and enjoy your life, it keeps you sane

Have a professional pursuit outside of poker, get skills outside of poker

Keep on working on your game

BR management is hugely important 

Game selection is one of the most important things in poker, you got to have fish there

Time management

Poker is not a career, but a springboard to other bigger and better things (i.e. poker can earn you lots of money and you can use that to do what you REALLY want to do)

The reason you play poker is to live, you dont live to play poker

Dont buy expensive stuff you dont need

**Joe Tall**

Studied Civil Engineering

Think about improving your poker game all the time

Find the optimal everything and keep on adding stuff to improve the way you play

Keep on adding tiny little things which increase how you play more +EV

Loves Tommy Angelo!

Tilt control is very important, keep on working at getting better at tilting less

Be as brutally honest as you can and look at things objectively then make your decisions


Ran good with $175 @ 50nl, ran good at 10/20 limit, then lost most of it, tried again, and won

Tilt control is very important

Work on coming back to the thought process of "How can I use this information I have just gained about the way villain plays to beat him?"

If you cant control yourself, then you should seriously consider whether or not you should be a professional poker player

Be willing to try different games

Find good games

Learn to figure out the equities in as many different situations as you can

Find poker friends and trade hand historys


Does not even play poker that much anymore

80/20 rule for every 80% of the time you play you should spend 20% amount of your study and efforts should be focused on something else

tilt control


length of sessions

work with others a lot and keep on working at it

be patient, especially with regards to going pro

we all play this game for a reason. Whats yours?


First thought $60 an hour was expensive for poker coaching

Took as many coaching sessions as he possibly could

treats poker as a success and money thing, not a freedom thing, loves the competitive aspect of it, loves trying to be the best he can be

avoid gross generalizations

"if I could just" XYZ " then i would be a winner" - these things mean very little

Poker is a great side job

The sooner you can look at poker in the deepest way possible, the better, the more layers of the onion you can peel back, the best

no matter how hard you work, theres still another layer you can go

move beyond generalities

hold yourself to a high standard

engage more with videos (take notes!)


Called JJ when he was against Aces face up just to see what happens

Was motivated to get good and beat his friend Jason

2p2 was once a good community

Put in a lot of hours working on his game and then went on a huge heater

Learn how to smash fish

To organize your thoughts break down things into language and write stuff down!

When you post in a forum, ASK A QUESTION! Question everything

take some breaks

Take advantage of the fruits of poker, it allows you to work from anywhere, so take a trip and enjoy life


Knowing yourself -> Knowing the right decision

Know how YOU learn

Make a plan to success

Tilt is the #1 obstacle to longevity, so COMBAT IT

Avoid playing long sessions and take tons of breaks

Always work on your weaknesses

Putting in volume is all about consistency


His dad was a poker player and as a kid he used to take the rake

Worked really hard at poker to be able to have poker as a job

Poker is not a mountain you have to climb, its something you have to work on step by step

Start small and get the simple things down

Play a lot, experience is much better than only theory to get good at hand reading

Keep getting better, keep working on your game


Got told not to go into the golf business, then still went into the golf business

Binks an online MTT and binks a casino mtt within 24hours

Beat himself up for losing it later in the month and committed to learn the game like crazy

Ran well at 100nl when he wasnt using good BR management but games were soft

Had an a-ha-moment when he joined CardRunners - there are coolers!

Poker was all he could think about, and put in a lot of time and energy thinking about poker

Loves his wife!

Coaching is awesome

wiltontilt coached him and he got better $300 an hour felt like a lot of money but eventually it was worth it

second a-ha-moment : Bluff catching is cool!

Time is more valuable is money, get value out of life


Was born on tilt

He is still working on it


giving away the secrets on how to degen your way to a big bankroll

after being a degen for quite some time, finally became obsessed with poker and worked on his game a lot

became a foxwoods casino degen for 3 months

Figure out the regs you play against, study the regs, having good reads on them is incredibly important

when you move up in stakes, dont give the players more credit than they deserve

100 buyins is a great BR recommendation

Play as high as you can

Learn multiple games

You should only 'grind' a certain stake if you cant afford higher stakes or you cant beat the higher stakes

Keep playing high stakes until you cant beat them, then play the highest stakes that you can beat

"Nine to five is how you survive, I ain't tryin' to survive I'm tryin' to live it to the limit an' love it a lot"

Discuss poker strategy with other good poker players

Grind grind grind and think about poker 24/7 - if you are not thinking about poker 24/7 you are doing it wrong

Ignore the sceptics about being a poker player, if you have sample size and winrate behind you, then focus on it - haters gonna hate - if you have the confidence and experience to know that you are a winning poker player then it is inevitable that you're going to do well

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