September 30, 2010

Pre-Session routine experiement

My desk is always superclean (Grin) - and if not, you can be 100% sure that it´s clean before I start my session.

Anyway, I have a (maybe strange sounding) routine which was inspired by Tommy Angelo in combination with Jamie Glazier (MindGuru):

I take a little spot (it´s actually a little round green marker from my wall-calendar) and place it in front of me on my desk.

I put on my headphones, load some buddha music (some slow, meditative song that takes ~4 minutes) and do nothing else but concentrating on that little green spot. For four minutes I concentrate on my breething and that spot (as if this was the most important thing of the world in that moment!) and try to wash away any other thought that comes to my mind.

If I´m thinking on sth. that happened at work - I´ll "virtually" wash it away from my mind. My Kiddies? Wash it away ... Spouse complaining about slow internet connection? Wash it away ... after four minutes I got my mind entirely clear and I´m prepared to play and there´s almost nothing that distracts me from concentrating on the actual hand anymore.

To even support it, I place a little piece of paper in front of me that has printed "Stay in the moment" on it - and then I´m fully ready to get started.

I can tell you that my results - especially my risk to go on tilt - clearly improved since I implemented that method, as strange as it might sound. But as long as it helps, I don´t care how funny it might seem to others. Grin

I got the above from Tackleberry in this thread

I'm going to try it out every session this coming month!

Ok, September is over and it was a bad one! I'm breakeven results wise, ran bad at 2/4 and 3/6 so Im not going to play a single hand of any 3/6 next month. The only 2/4 tables I will play will be the $ tables as that is effectively €300NL and I feel I have a decent edge in those games. Aiming for a 60k hand month and hopefully some focused play with bring some rewards :)

Graph is meh, still up about 1k with rb tho not bad for 60hours of work, however i partied too hard and slacked too much, will be going for at least 60k hands next month!:


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