August 28, 2010


  • Insta check is weak
  • Insta calls are often weak made hands or draws
  • Timebank then check is usually weak
  • Timebank then bet is usually nuts
  • Instabets which are close to potsized but are typed in river bets are usually nuts
  • pot, 1/2pot, automated bets (bets using buttons on the software) are usually consistent tells for your players, however each player uses them differently. For example most fish at my games usually bet 1/2 pot on river using the software with the nuts, and bet pot using the software as a bluff. There are opponents that do the opposite of course, its just a matter of finding 4-5 solid examples where villains hand went to showdown and taking notes. For example, you can copy and paste this into your notepad and paste it into your HEM when you are playing "1/2pot=, pot=, typed in close to pot=. typed in close to 1/2pot=, snapchecks=, insta checkcalls="
  • when a villain takes a bet, check/call, check line, usually you can shove any hand on the river as he is indicating a marginal made hand
  • when an ace hits the river and you are OOP, you can check raise all in when villain thinks about it for a little bit then makes a typed in bet which is between 1/3 and 2/3 pot, its usually a bluff or a weak made hand at best. What worse hands does he expect you to pay off with? none, so he is usually turning his made hand into a bluff by betting as he has showdown value, or he is bluffing because he had no show down value. In either case they want you to fold, disappoint them and shove
  • Betsizing is often not a tell as such, more an indication of villains intent, but if you can couple this with your player stats on the HUD and his timing to make a more acurate estimation of whether or not you should believe this information as true or false, or a value bet or a bluff
  • Screen names can give indications to an extent but dont read too far into them, as you could be getting levelled. Again, combine this information with the stats you have on your opponent and the timing of his bets, along with the size (or story) of his bets and you can perhaps gleam alittle something from the name, other than that, don't overthink a screen name

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micsquab posted on February 21, 2012 at 08:31 AM


WoW! No comments on this? I think bet sizes are huge indicators of the strength of an opponents hand. I think bet sizes help to define a villains range.

Ethan23 posted on March 19, 2018 at 08:33 AM


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