July 21, 2010

LTBR notes

  • The best players in the world estimate hand ranges better than the rest
  • think about the variables that you should take into consideration before making a poker decision. Hand range, pot equity, and fold equity.
  • minraise as a bluff in 3betpots where villain is cbetting alot
  • no one ever has anything
  • min raising or close to minraising as a bluff is great IP
  • steal limped pots = ++BB/100
  • the nittier you are percieved the more you should bluff
  • bet more turns but dont go crazy
  • it is ludicrous to balance for the sake of balancing. Just play. Think of your opponent's range and bet [or raise] when it is weak and check [or fold] when it is strong. By doing so, your hand range will automatically balance itself.
  • oop = out of power
  • players out-level themselves too much in general, do not do it
  • Playing backdoor draws aggressively also balances your overall game. Players will think you are a crazy aggressive maniac when in reality, you are just playing your equity.
  • The number one thing you should think at all times during a hand is your equity against a standard hand range.
  • Fish come in many types, identify the player type you are facing and fry that fish
  • bluff more rivers
  • don't bluff too much, bbut when you do bluff, empty the clip
  • The most important exploitable strategy against weak players is over-betting with the nuts. When a player is not going to fold top pair for any amount of money and you beat top pair, try your best to get all the money in.
  • if villains bets flop and turn then gives up river yuo should almost alwasy fire.
  • thhe same is true on 4 flush boards, where a backdoor flush got there, if they check the river, alost always bet
  • its hard to face villain who checked behind flop the raises our turn bet, as a result, we should have this weapon in our arsenal. The same can be said for all tough spots
  • Further, we suggest that if one or more villains have been giving you alot of trouble, that you look over your hand histories and then see what moves he is making. Analyize them and add the good ones to your game.
  • min-raising vs players who c-bet too much is auto profit, this includes people who 2barrel alot, just float their flop cbet and minraise their turn bet
  • reg vs reg without initiative its good to donk bet if they are passive
  • the key to betsizing is to taylor it to our opponents to maximize our EV
  • There will arise situations where by the river you think your opponent's range is largelycomposed of draws and you've missed yours as well. Put a 1/3rd bet out there. It's difficult for him to call if he has A or K high.
  • Considerations to Make in Re-raised Pots
  • 1. The pots are bigger so people are more inclined to fight for them
  • 2. The stack to pot ratio is smaller
  • 3. Hand ranges are more narrow
  • 4. Players don't [or can't] vary their lines as much
  • in a nutshell. In every situation factor in your opponent type and opponents range, can his range/player type take any type of heat given the way the hand played out? is this villain capable of making a fold? is this villain capable of making a fold if we play our hand in a different way? thinking about a combination of these factors will result in you making better plays overall and becoming a tougher player to play against
  • on river if you think someone is valuebetting thin against you, always take the time to think about if a C/R bluff would work
  • Remember, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on July 21, 2010 at 17:19 PM


Sick notes. Thanks man!

LuckyStraights posted on July 22, 2010 at 13:53 PM


Thanks for the notes, it's a great condensed version of the book. I thought LTBR was way too overpriced, but the other books by tri (blueprint and particularly the workbook) were of very-high quality. I think bobbofitos's and balugwhale's ebooks were better than LTBR. Have you gotten a chance to get to either?

Acombfosho posted on July 23, 2010 at 12:57 PM


Luckystraights, yeah agree LTBR is overpriced but thats good marketing for you. good concepts in the book though.

Yeah I have read Baluga's first book. Its was essentially this:

Pot Equity+Fold Equity=Aggression

-identify your opponents into 3 types:

1- passive bad 2- aggressive bad 3-good

Valuebet until you get raised vs type 1 passive bad
Dont fold big hands vs typ 2 aggressive bads
use position, leverage, and card strength against typ 3 good players.

Bobbo's book I havent got around to reading it because I have his DVD series which covers the same concepts. Its good DVD btw.

Tecmo, ty


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