May 21, 2010


In this post I will be taking account of the lessons in the last two posts in order to help me plan a coherent and efficient structure for the rest of the year for my poker playing. I want to transfer my mind map of poker into a very professional model.

As I stated yesterday, the goal of these past two posts was for myself to come to a much clearer understanding of the state of my mind when I am playing both my A game and C game. This will help me to recognise when I should play longer or stop playing for the day entirely. This will = more €€€€€€€’s won when I’m playing well and more €€€€€€’s saved when I’m playing badly.

There is 5 main things I should be focusing on:

  1. Structure; waking up at good playing times, sleeping well, eating well, exercise, planning days off
  2. Focus; Playing in the right mindset and with no other "things to do" on my mind
  3. Planning; Planning my hand, percieving turn and river cards, thinking about villain + my range + my percieved range
  4. Execution; a plan is useless without the execution! Carrying out my plans
  5. Review; going over my hands and my reviewing my structure to optimize performance

The things I should do while playing: Focus on villains entire range, play very much tighter OOP and when Deep. Bet Bigger when I have value hands and to charge other players the maximum. Thinking about villains full ranges and how the board changes will prevent me from ever levelling myself. Folding on bad boards and when villains actions TELL ME he's got it. I should play in an emotionally detatched mindset from the outcome, while constantly analytically thinking about the most +EV line, making my choice and executing it. If I make mistakes, mark the hand and review the hand later on that evening - it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it!

So to take a look back at my last two posts:

When I am playing my C game I..

  • Overplay hands OOP
  • Overplay hands deep
  • Level myself into making incorrect plays
  • Picture villains Bottom Ranges, instead of see whole range in context
  • Find it hard to fold big hands dispite bad board texture and villains actions
  • Give villains too good a price when I’m not sure about their range

When I am playing my A-Game I am..

  • actively thinking about villains ranges
  • actively thinking about what (if anything) villain percieves about my range
  • emotionally detatched from the outcome of the play
  • analytically thinking about the most +EV lines, making a choice and executing it.
Now my next points of concern are to properly address the following 5 areas:

STRUCTURE: What times should I be playing to maximize my earn? How many hours can I play optimally? What can I do to ensure I play these times? How can I plan a good balanced diet, sleeping and exercise regime with my poker? How can I structure my days off so I get the most out of them? What changes in my lifestyle do I need to make to carry these out?

FOCUS: How can I ensure I am playing in the right mindset before I play? How do I set aside the other "things to do" on my mind so I can focus on poker? Whats the optimal session times for me? How can I make sure I am focus?

PLANNING: Planning my hand, percieving turn and river cards, thinking about villain + my range + my percieved range - whats the one question I can ask myself every street which will answer these questions? Planning other areas of my life, savings, expenses, budgeting for rent, food, partying. Plan for the long term.

EXECUTION: How can I hold myself accountable so that I execute my plans? I would like to make sure Execution must come naturally after a well thought out plan. How can I do this?

REVIEW: Review will start every day, before I play I must review the biggest pots over 40BB from the previous day. Review any marked hands and post them in the forums when I am unsure of what to do. Review my structure every week to see if I can improve it.


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goody_man posted on May 22, 2010 at 03:46 AM

P8060002 seem very organized and determined. All the best to you!!


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