February 28, 2012

Road to MSNL

For the past 4 months I have taken poker quite seriously.  However, as most things I've ever done, I've been content to just coast through.  I'm here to change that.  I've put way too much time/effort into poker this far to be content grinding $12/hour at 50NL
Here are my major problems that hold me back

  1. Wasting loads of free time reading random 2+2 threads instead of playing/studying
  2. Watching videos more for entertainment than education
  3. Imposing my own thought process on others
  4. Feeling tired 
  5. Value winning over making money

1. This should be easy to fix.  I'm done wasting time reading nonsense threads on there.  I will limit myself to going on there once a week for no more than 30min.

2. From now on, when I watch a video, I will have a notepad with me and take detailed notes on whatever I'm watching.  I will also write a summary on how I can apply this knowledge.

3.This one is tricky.  It's easy to sit here and say, "Remember, not everyone thinks about poker the same way I do."  In game is much different.  In game my thought process is, "He'd have to be retarded to play _ _ like this"  Also, I give people way too much credit for knowing concepts such as 3b/5b all pairs, or how flatting 4b OOP with hands you don't want to 5b is bad.  I'm going to make an exception to my first rule go re-read some of my first threads on 2+2 to remind me how much my game has changed, and not everyone is at the level I am at on any given day.  I'll post some of the especially stupid threads I've made here =)

4. I think this is a result of being too relaxed all the time.  I normally sleep 9-10 hours a day, get up, and do whatever I want whenever.  The only real commitment I have is school which is only 2 days a week. Also my diet is pretty bad.  I'm going to sleep less and create loose schedule for everyday so there's no time to watch tv or browse useless internet forums.

5.The last one is unique and a huge trainwreck when it comes to my mental poker game.   I think I am just as happy stacking someone at 4NL as I am 100NL.  Even when I'm trying to test a software mod at 4NL, I take it seriously and tilt if I were to make huge mistakes such as limping or chasing gutshots, even though the money is completely meaningless.  I can't stand the idea of someone else playing better than me.   This causes big problems when I run into the top of opponents range's  repeatedly over a small/decent sample size.  I start to think that maybe my strategy is bad and start to change it.  I also pull up my HEM quite often and feel great when I'm winning and poor when I'm losing.  I know this is really stupid thinking, but somehow I still let the daily swings effect me big time.  I'm going to go find some graphs of at least 1 million hands to show how long it takes to create a credible sample size.

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kerwinty posted on February 28, 2012 at 07:42 AM


good post. Agree with alot of it. and see all your points. I too get made when my graph goes down and not up, even though I realize it is going to happen quite often. Let us know how the shape up goes. GL...

mitch posted on February 28, 2012 at 08:11 AM


Really good post. GLGL looking forward to your progress.

kennycalhoo posted on February 28, 2012 at 13:41 PM


I will be happy to read this blog as well. Keep up your thought process here!

huntse posted on February 28, 2012 at 15:02 PM


If you use mozilla (and you should) as your browser, install the "SurfControl" plugin. Then you can give yourself a maximum time on twoplustwo for example.

identifier posted on March 04, 2012 at 23:19 PM


Quality post. We should swap screen names so we can call each other donks :D


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