February 21, 2012

Pretty swingy session...

Just finished up a pretty long session.  When I first started with the $25 bankroll I only 2-tabled to try and focus on reads, ranges and just making the overall best EV play.  Quickly after about 1600 hands I had doubled my roll to $50!  Pretty sweet considering I was also running a couple buy-ins below EV.  Tonight, was a completely different story.  I started off pretty solid over the first couple hundred hands.  Then came a -5BI swing in just over 100 hands.  Pretty sick.  It seemed like I was getting owned every pot.  Eventually I was able to recoup most of it playing a mix of $4NLHE and $4PLO.  Overall, kind of tilting a bit as I don't think I was playing my best game, but not too disappointed with my play overall.

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