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Homework Assignment
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

This is my current homework for myself, but I think its a pretty good idea for all players to do something like it now and again so feel free to try it yourself. If you do, let me know how it works out for you! 1. Go through my database of hands from the last few months at 10/20nl and 25/50nl ... Read More

Las Vegas new years trip report, part two
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

Alright so where were we? Ah yes, the third day there, or something like that. Well, it was another lazy day, probably involving some home games and some playing online and some not eating enough food. I went with a few of the guys to the “fashion show mall” because I needed to acqui... Read More

Chinese Poker Rules and Strategy
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

The deck is dealt into 4 hands of 13 cards each, which are given to 2, 3, or 4 players (2 players: each gets 2 individual and separate hands, 3 players: each gets one hand, the last is discarded or given to a friend to play for funsies, 4 players: each player gets a hand). Each player uses his ... Read More

The Road to the Top is not 8 Tables Wide
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in my play as of late: when I put in long sessions over many tables, my results are generally good, but modest. When I put in shorter sessions and only play a few tables at a time (generally at higher stakes) I crush the game. I suppose I shouldn’t b... Read More

a ridiculous call, general PCA thoughts
by fslexcduck on over 10 years ago

This is maybe the sickest call I’ve ever made, just fyi (I’ve called with worse than Q high before, but this is just ridiculous). OK so it’s Day 1 of the PCA, and we’re still in level 1 (50/100).  I’m down to 12k from my original 20k because I tried to squeeze... Read More

Why Not to Limp
by KRANTZ on over 10 years ago

I almost never start big strategy threads, but I thought I'd make one on this since lately there seem to be a bunch of posts that start out with a preflop limp.  OP's explanation is usually something to the effect of "sometimes I raise, but this time I decided to limp."  Edit... Read More

The Great Session Swap Experiment
by DeathDonkey on over 10 years ago

In the poker world, we often talk about "the long run".  A good gambler understands that the decisions he makes don't produce the results he would like every time.  In fact, I'd say results-oriented thinking is the absolute toughest trait to beat out of a would-be-great poker... Read More

Shorthanded Hold'em 2: Basic Preflop Steal and Defense
by Entity on over 10 years ago

In general, your defense standards should be largely dependent upon several things:    1. The preflop range of hands of the blind stealer.   2. The relative skill difference between you and the preflop raiser.   3. Other smaller factors, like rake con... Read More

Shorthanded Hold'em 1: An Introduction to Preflop Play
by Entity on over 10 years ago

The battle in the blinds In hold'em, blind stealing and defense is what separates the great players from small winners and mediocre losers.  As you play increasingly shorthanded games, the amount of time you spend in the blinds increases dramatically.  You will spend one and... Read More

Meeting Ray Zee
by DJ Sensei on over 10 years ago

So I was playing the 10-10-20 NL game at Lucky Chances yesterday, when I was moved to the feature table. Well not really 'feature' so much as the main game, what with it being a must-move and all. I moved into the nine seat and played for a few orbits. In the 4 seat was a player who I had not se... Read More

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