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Overestimating Your Implied Odds Against Short Stacks in No-Limit Hold ’em
by threads13 on about 9 years ago

One of the biggest mistakes that I find players making in the online micro and small stakes game is that they often think that they have way more implied odds than what they really have. They make preflop calls with hands like small pocket pairs and figure if they play purely to hit a set and w... Read More

Early Position with Small and Medium Pocket Pairs Part 2: Playing in Weak-Ti...
by threads13 on about 9 years ago

In the last episode of this series we discussed how to maximize our EV on small and middle pocket pairs in loose passive games. Now, let’s take a look at how these hands play in other types of games. Tight-Passive(Weak-Tight) Games These games feature players who understand that they nee... Read More

Early Position with Small and Medium Pocket Pairs Part 1: Playing in Loose-P...
by threads13 on about 9 years ago

Deciding whether or not to raise medium and small pocket pairs is a frequently discussed topic among poker players. The hands are flexible holdings that can get value from several different avenues. In this series of articles we are going to discuss what factors we should be considering and wh... Read More

Odds in Poker
by sweetjazz3 on over 9 years ago

Odds are a crucial part of poker. But they can often be confusing to beginning and intermediate players. The goal of this article is to discuss the different types of odds that are talked about in poker and clear up common misconceptions people have about odds. It is intended to be written at... Read More

That Bastard!
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

He really got me good on this one. I was all-in without a paddle. I was up shit creek and drawing dead. However you put it, it wasn’t pretty. I was playing $40-80 limit hold’em at Lucky Chances. This was around 2002. Alex was at the next table, playing no-limit. He spoke to me with a... Read More

Three Smooth Calls, Two Check-Raises, and a Delayed Raise — All On One Street
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

[This article originally appeared in BLUFF Magazine.] Man. Talk about giving away the story in the title. I didn’t know what to call this one. I could have called it “A Really Neat Hand, Seriously, I Mean It.” Or I could have called it “Now I’ve Seen Everything” which is how I felt ... Read More

The Benefits of Going Broke
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

I’m in Vegas right now doing a three-day coaching program with a new client. At the end of day one, we went downstairs to the poker room at the Venetian to play some poker in the same game, for mutual observation. The plan is that I watch him and take notes on things he does and doesn’t do... Read More

What do you do for a living?
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

Here’s a hand I played in the big no-limit game at Lucky Chances. There was a guy in the game I’d never played with before, and he was giving lots of action. So far I’d played two pots against him. Both times I was on the button. Both times the river went check-check. Both times I tu... Read More

Five Adjustments for Micro-SNGs
by vandweller on over 9 years ago

You might have read a book on SNGs, like Collin Moshman's Sit 'n' Go Strategy, or watched SNG training videos at a site like DeucesCracked or others (all great investments, by the way). They all universally advocate a conservative strategy for the early rounds, and an increasingly aggressive bl... Read More

How to Tilt
by Tommy Angelo on over 9 years ago

(This article first appeared in BLUFF  Magazine.) How to Tilt by Tommy Angelo My mom used to tell me, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” This is such a profound and righteous philosophy. And I’ve stuck to it. For example, when I eat popcorn, I think it’s worth doing... Read More

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