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Six Plus Holdem
by DCadmin on about 2 years ago

Some of you might have heard about the new 'Six Plus Holdem' game-type which is becoming increasingly popular thanks hype from Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan (recently publicized on 2+2), two regulars of the game in Macau. It's a fascinating game, and one which is just recently being introduced to some ... Read More

Nostalgia Corner: The 5 (and a bit) Stages Of Your Poker Career
by Tommy Angelo on over 7 years ago

Today’s post was written by guest writer Greg Walker. This article is highly funny and relatable, if you happen to be an online poker degen. Greg runs thepokerbank.com, a Texas Hold’em strategy site. Thanks Greg! Nostalgia Corner: The 5 (and a bit) Stages Of Your Poker Career Do... Read More

5-betting and the Potential Bluff Range
by mikej on over 7 years ago

Michael (mikej) primarily plays mid stakes NLHE 6-max and recently graduated from Cal with a degree in MSE. I. The Situation 400NL, 6-max, effective stacks of $400 Villain opens to $12 from the button, you 3-bet to $42 from the small blind with a 75s type hand, and he re-raises to... Read More

Dealer Mystery Solved at the 2010 WSOP
by Tommy Angelo on almost 8 years ago

This is a photograph of the biggest room at the 2010 World Series of Poker, minus the people. You know how we’ve been trained to think of a “football field” as a standard unit of area? Like a hectare or acre, except that we actually know how big it is? I paced off this roo... Read More

competition, and poker
by KRANTZ on about 8 years ago

I’m reading Scott Belsky’s Making Ideas Happen.  There’s a section in there where he says: Ideas often have the tendency to lie stagnant until we are jolted into action by either excitement or fear…  For this reason, competition — regardless of whether it stems fr... Read More

Interesting hands from NAPT Mohegan Sun final table and final 2 tables
by fslexcduck on about 8 years ago

Here are some hands I wrote up for the Cardplayer article Final Table Takedown.  These were some of my more interesting hand from the final 2 and final tables of the tournament. Hand 1: A5s is so pretty, how could you fold? So right now there are 12 people left in the tournament and both ta... Read More

You No Gamble
by Tommy Angelo on about 8 years ago

From an old folder, here’s a poker hand from about 2002: I was playing $20-40 limit hold’em at Lucky Chances during the thinning hours. The game had gone from too-loose when it was full, to just-right when it was seven-handed, to not-nearly-as-good-as-it-just-was when the last whit... Read More

The Second Worst Play Ever
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

In 2003, I intentionally folded pocket aces before the flop in a live, $20/40 limit hold’em game. It was, according to my meticulous calculations, the worst play ever. But that wasn’t the only reason I did it. I wrote an article at the time in which all is revealed: http://tommyangelo.co... Read More

Aussie Update: tourney 1
by BalugaWhale on over 8 years ago

tourney 1 was a 1k buyin event that was pretty massive– first place was looking to take over 200k.  Seven of us DC guys played (myself, vanessa, joe tall, krantz, josh/sthief, wiltontilt, and danzasmack).  Unfortunately, Josh and I got pulled to the same table while everyone else split u... Read More

Muckin Psychology
by BalugaWhale on over 8 years ago

What’s up guys, Been a while since I offered a poker article to you guys, but I have a thought that’s been kickin around in my head so I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s probably most relevant in HU matches but is definitely still applicable in a 6m setting (possibl... Read More

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