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over 4 years ago

Note taking live

Yes, I read that article. It does a great job of plugging both products. I was more looking for ways to exploit opponents from the notes we took on their tendencies. Instead of promoting note ...

over 4 years ago

Note taking live

After all these years of live play + taking notes on my iphone, I still have a hard time using that note to my advantage.

95% of the time, I already have a mental note on villain.

over 4 years ago

NL50-100 6m study group

I'm always up for meeting up with new study partners and improving.
I play regular 6m tables, NL50-NL100 with NL200 added in if games are good.

over 4 years ago


I use Gplayer to view all my videos from ipad or iphone.

about 5 years ago

Microstakes group coaching

Always wanted to get coaching from Grindcore. Too bad this time around will be too difficult cause I am off to grind live poker in Macau for 3 weeks and will hardly ever be online.


about 5 years ago

2012 Apex Predator Group Coaching for Micro and Small Stakes No Limit Holdem

Couple months ago I participated in the Blah234 group coaching. He asked us to write a review but I was too lazy, well here it is. (Laziness, big reason why I am still stuck in SSNL)

over 5 years ago

New study group: practical advice needed!!

I have been with a few a poker study groups. Generally they are fine, you have nothing to lose. They eventually break and die out. The first couple weeks are usually good.

Been in ...

over 5 years ago

Serious 6max 50-100NL Study Partner/Group

I'm in a good poker group currently, looking to join another good one as well.

Add me on Skype: needfinesse

about 6 years ago

Need help with getting wireless working again on my pc.

Need help with getting wireless working again on my pc.

Couple days ago, I turned off my wireless connection on my netbook.

The next day, I turned my netbook on as well...

over 6 years ago

SS/MSNL 6max study group

Interested in joining but I only play 100NL. Is that too low to join?