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over 7 years ago

Showdown at Buffalo Ridge : Episode Two

Really, absolutely nobody cares about Independence, Indiana, or the fact that your friend got lost. It wouldn't even be funny if I knew who were talking about. Total waste of our time.

over 7 years ago

Headhunter : Episode Six

Hi Ariel,
I was wondering why at 13:59 you decided to make such a small check-raise (80 to 200) on the K98r board when you held JTo? couldn't you more credibly rep KQ/K9/98 with a bigger ch...

almost 8 years ago

Duel : 2M2MM Crew - Antonius Review

all this talk about apartments and team israel is incredibly irritating and distracting. kindly stick to the poker.

over 8 years ago

Sweeps Week- KRANTZ plays some $25/50NL HU

hey krantz,

in the Q9o hand 7:20 in, i would really like to know why you're betting the turn. are you bluffing? are you getting value from worse (almost no worse made hands to get v...

over 9 years ago

pr1nnyraiding: a heads-up strategy

this is really good advice. it's really simple stuff like this that is often the most useful. more of it plz!

over 9 years ago

Hoodie Wars : Episode Four

absolutely fantastic analysis. really really good.