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almost 7 years ago

Full Ring King : Episode One

live sweats for the whole series, please

yes please

about 7 years ago

Wasted time and effort....

Do something worthwhile with your life. Play poker as a hobby.

over 7 years ago

LSAT Videos

I was (facetiously) asking about this in another thread recently, cause I'm sure Vanessa and FWF did really well on the LSAT since they got into Y and H. Would be cool if they dropped in and of...

over 7 years ago

**Ask Team DC anything about POKER COACHING**

Do Vanessa or FWF offer LSAT coaching? Smile I'm taking it in June, up to 172 on my last practice test but I want even higher.

over 7 years ago

Holdem Manager

On the Options menu, click on "Player Aliases" and you can set it up from there.

over 7 years ago

# of buy ins players keep in online rolls(pro's to)

He was asking how much buyins you have online rather than how much you need to play a certain level (i.e bankroll management) Or do you seriously keep 100 BIs online? Why would you e...

over 7 years ago

# of buy ins players keep in online rolls(pro's to)

I table select between two limits and I keep roughly 60 buyins for the higher limit and 120 buyins for the lower limit online, as well as keeping several months expenses saved in the bank.

over 7 years ago

Hand Reading

Your question basically reduces to "how do I get good at poker?". There's no easy answer, and it's different for everyone. For most people it's a combination of watching videos, reading books/...

over 7 years ago

Pages hang after I reply

You can also just edit your hosts file to map to (localhost). Absolutely no reason to give them free tracking information if they're going to slow down your brows...

over 7 years ago

2010 goals

Guess I'm going in the opposite direction of most people here. My goals are:

- make supernova elite
- focus only on poker while playing poker
- spend way *less* time thinki...