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almost 5 years ago

FTP still at it

a few minutes pass and AA got cracked by QT on a AK22J board only 5 hands after KK beat TT

I'm not sure how AA lost on that board unless h...

almost 5 years ago

Hand in a mtt I'm strungling with;

I definitely would be raising more pre, betting more flop and shipping turn here.

I'm not sure of the raise sizing preflop. I don't know if that's just the standard now a days as I'v...

about 5 years ago

Thin valuebet with TPMK

I think it's fairly standard to get it in w/ TP vs a fishy short stack. However 74s and 94s got there...

about 5 years ago

25NL Confused with the NFD. Implied Odds?

Not betting a Q or A when checked to would be awful.

I agree with this 100%

about 5 years ago

25NL Confused with the NFD. Implied Odds?

I 'm curious I guess why you think his betting range is stronger.

Villain already double barrels quite a bit and it seems like it's an obvious spot for him to continue this trend. ...

about 5 years ago

JJ UTG+1 30bbs

The only thing I don't really like is the river shove. Sure he's calling all the time but when you lose you're put down to an M < 5. You have nearly double that just by not putting those la...

about 5 years ago

25NL Confused with the NFD. Implied Odds?

My first though is to be raising to $7 on the turn. He appears to have a history of being aggressive too often and then folding to resistance. IMO his cbet and turn cbet are a bit high already...

about 5 years ago

Help getting back in to poker.

Background: Unfortunately, I was a harsh victim of the Black Friday like most Americans. I'm also in the military so am unable to just pick up and leave the country to continue the dream. While...

about 7 years ago

Tournament pwnage thread

3/2022 in the $17 ST 15k on FT for $2326. sick run good

over 7 years ago

MTT : AMT (#9) - 6-tabling MTTs

Thank A, I figured it was fluke at the time but since it pertained to the rest of your analysis of the hand I figured I'd ask.

As for the video, I liked the format a lot and think you...