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Page 11: Vanessa hasn't won enough poker tournaments.

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selling .5% of mohegan sun NAPT for $1 to whoever is the luckiest

So sick Grin

Why does this stuff happen on the 2+2 forum? Guy got gifted $2,250. Wow!

Posted about 3 years ago


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Wow, so unreal sick back to back. Very well played.
Congrats Vanessa!

Posted about 3 years ago


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What should I say, sick and amazing work. Grats!

Posted about 3 years ago


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Thanks so much everyone. I hope you can all check it out when it comes out on ESPN2. No idea when that is, but I guess it won't be too hard to figure out.

I seriously ran amazing at that final table... I still can't believe it. Wow. Anyway, thanks for the support, as always.

Posted about 3 years ago


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I saw somewhere that it'd be airing on May 9th or somewhere around that date.

Posted about 3 years ago

Matt Flynn

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Congrats Vanessa!!! b2b is so sick!!!

Posted about 3 years ago


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Vanessa gonna win atleast 5 WSOP bracelets this summer imo.

Posted about 3 years ago


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