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Goldseraph Plays: 6 Tables of 100nl and...

by goldseraph, almost 2 years ago, 63 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$$, 6 tables, 6M

Mentor: 6max Carbon NL - Part 3

by WiltOnTilt, about 2 years ago, 50 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, 6M

Mentor: WiltOnTilt - 6max Carbon NL - P...

by WiltOnTilt, about 2 years ago, 51 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, 6M

Mentor: WiltOnTilt - 6max Carbon NL - P...

by WiltOnTilt, about 2 years ago, 47 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$$, 4 tables, 6M

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Brags. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.

HU PLO Video

2010-11-21 11:25 PM

As promised, I’ve released a video of me playing some HU PLO with audio commentary. I must warn you, it’s been a while since I did a video, let alone one with live play, so my commentary is a bit rusty. I listened to it again and some bits may not be intelligible; I found it quite hard to keep up with both the play and my thought processes because I think much faster than I speak. I also made a ton of game mistakes because I was di ... <a href="/blogs/schweig/46081-HU-PLO-Video">(continued)</a>


jjd323's blog

NLHE HU Video - 2 tables

2010-05-27 05:12 PM

I made a 2-tabling HU video at play money with one of the guys from my Secret HQ group. Hopefully he learnt something from it, here is the video . There were some preflop rules: You cannot fold or call with AJ+ or 99+ (i.e. you must keep raising until you are all-in preflop). You can only raise or fold a 6 or 7 high suited hand (i.e. 65,64,63,62,76,75,74,73,73,72s) – you cannot call preflop with it. I’ll hopefully have ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/25491-NLHE-HU-Video-2-tables">(continued)</a>


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Maths of PLO Ep. 2 - Counting Pairs

2010-03-19 04:21 AM

I’ve finally finished the second episode of my maths of PLO series. I worry that I run through the concepts too quickly, but I think it’s probably better that way. You can always pause to catch up, or watch it through several times if you don’t get things first time. If you are really struggling to get to grips, please feel free to contact me on Skype (same username as on here). The video higher res vi ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/16131-Maths-of-PLO-Ep-2-Counting-Pairs">(continued)</a>


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Maths of PLO, Ep. 1 (mini trailer)

2010-02-22 11:00 PM

So my blog just made it onto the frontpage of the DC blog portal on the “Most Commented” lists. As a thank-you to my readers I’ve actually gone and finished one of my “lazy Sunday” projects, and I give you the 7-minutes-long episode 1 trailer of my envisioned “Mathematics of PLO ” series. In the video I discuss basic combinatorics in the context of PLO starting hands, and demonstrate how to calc ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/12771-Maths-of-PLO-Ep-1-mini-trailer-">(continued)</a>


If a Blog falls in the woods...

Making Videos and Taking names

2010-02-22 11:39 AM

So I’ve begun my transition into PLO . I know i started this blog to talk about my development as a NL player, but i think I’ve gone too far now. Too far you saw? Well yes, ive picked up a coach and started making some videos. So far its only 2 at 10NL and they have both sucked ass. Not sure whats going on, but im not getting anything decent, although i did get back into PLO by playing Rush so i think my ... <a href="/blogs/pokergnome/12671-Making-Videos-and-Taking-names">(continued)</a>


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Dual/Multiple Audio Videos

2010-02-21 08:32 AM

This week I made a dual audio video with one of the guys from our Secret HQ group -. I thought I’d done pretty well, but upon review there are some significant problems with the end result. There are some really big errors in my logic at times, and the balance of the dialogue is really skewed towards me talking and him listening. Additionally, I have some really annoying verbal tics that I need to work out. If anyon ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/12561-Dual-Multiple-Audio-Videos">(continued)</a>


Nude Potato Wrestling Gyspsy Blog

Video blog

2010-02-12 04:30 PM

hey donks. I uploaded a video of me playing 20NL hold em 6 max on ipoker please take a quick look. there are some interesting spots in it i hope. Ifv nothing else you can takea glimpse into the mind of a tagfish…… im gonna post some rush poker vids…ass i have started to play a little… just a little. Thanks.



Howard Lederer: On Poker & Trading the Markets Video

2010-02-08 03:53 AM

An interesting interview: YouTube Video


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Rush III - 50NL video & note taking

2010-01-24 01:58 AM

I made a video at 50NL rush poker today. It mostly focuses on tight solid play, and I make a ton of notes and try and give a commentary on how I might adjust based on these incredibly slim reads. My hope is that over time the rush player pool will stabilise somewhat and those who start making notes early will profit the most. Anyway, here is the link . I want to describe the correct thought process for the KTo ha ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/8171-Rush-III-50NL-video-note-taking">(continued)</a>


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Rush II - 25NL video

2010-01-22 12:28 AM

Today I recorded a short video of me playing rush poker at 25NL. I tried playing a ton of re-raised pots in position, and mostly just avoiding any remotely marginal OOP spots. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments. The video download link is here . There were a couple of really interesting hands came up, and I’ll be making a post before the end of the weekend dissecting them. I hope to focus on the adjustments ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/7881-Rush-II-25NL-video">(continued)</a>

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