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On the Woodway


2012-07-23 09:34 PM

… naah it’s not. I was totally not serious but dont expect it to get more fancy now. But here’s something interesting! I’ll use pictures because I think I’m quite proficient in painting. (andd in using scissors, glue, and lego bricks for that matter) with branch10, they had a glorious idea! didnt see a glorious idea? Me neither, so let’s move on! no cliffhanger here, this blog delivers! cliffs: and (hahaha, ... <a href="/blogs/prinzvonhapunkt/92561-standard">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Volume Prop: Week 1.7 update

2010-10-30 06:30 AM

After last week’s mediocre results, I realized that playing 12+ tables, while great for getting tons of hands in, is not so great for playing well and winning money. The games aren’t exactly 2005 PartyPoker quality; I need to actually be on my A game to be winning at a decent clip. So, I decided to cut down on tables, playing between 6 and 9, and aim for quality over quantity. The stakes of the bet aren’t actually t ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/43121-Volume-Prop-Week-1-7-update">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Volume Prop: Week 1 update

2010-10-25 08:10 AM

I got off to a quick start this week, knowing that this challenge would be a lot more manageable and enjoyable if I got ahead of schedule early. I’ve been playing mostly 2/4-5/10 PLO on Stars, 9-12 tabling. This is more tables than I’m accustomed to, but I feel pretty capable with TableNinja on my side. I put in long sessions Monday through Thursday, and while there was some sense of accomplishment for actually grindi ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/42391-Volume-Prop-Week-1-update">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

A Volume prop bet with Vincent

2010-10-14 02:57 AM

As frequent readers of my blog already know, I am pathologically bad at putting in volume at the tables. In an attempt to overcome this (and hopefully make some good money while I’m at it), I decided to give myself some extra motivation. Vincent (soepgroente) and I have booked a gentleman’s wager to each play 40k hands in a month (Oct 18-Nov 17). The stakes are not particularly high, but hopefully enough to motiv ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/41231-A-Volume-prop-bet-with-Vincent">(continued)</a>


60% of the time it works every time

The plan

2010-10-01 02:44 AM

Failure to plan is to plan for failure. So as I’m on to way to avoid green and hit a great success for October, I figured out about two hours before the month begins that I should have a plan. I’ve got somewhere to be. So, what needs to change for the next month. This month I played more Civilization games than poker, which is fun but it doesn’t generate any green. No matter how good you are at Civ V. The first step is to play absolutely ... <a href="/blogs/jtx/39861-The-plan-">(continued)</a>


60% of the time it works every time

Avoiding green to get more green

2010-09-30 12:37 AM

I have thought about opening a blog here for a while and now I got the kick as I made a prop bet for the next month.  My most glaring leak in online poker has been putting in hours – or rather not putting in hours. I’m a quite nice winner over a convincing sample, but by being a lazy bastard, I can’t put in the hours to win life changing amounts. So I made a bet with my girlfriend about working hours, where loser ... <a href="/blogs/jtx/39641-Avoiding-green-to-get-more-green">(continued)</a>


PLO Diaries


2009-10-15 09:18 PM

The weight loss portion of the prop bet is going great. I’m down almost 16lb from my start and am feeling great. I’ve still got a lot to lose if I want to hit my main goal of 11% BFP , as I’m losing muscle mass from all the running I’ve been doing. This weekend is another half marathon, but my miles are increasing pretty quickly after that, and I’m thinking about running a marathon at the end of the month, if the race director get ... <a href="/blogs/entity/742-188-8">(continued)</a>


PLO Diaries

Tough training day fo sho

2009-09-02 05:02 AM

Have started incorporating some 2-a-day workouts into my routine. Today’s was 35min HIIT (basically 10 warmup, 5 cooldown, 20 of HIIT sprints), followed a few hours later by 5.6mi at a ~8:15 pace. Thinking about doing some trail runs tomorrow; we’ll see. Tough thing today was getting enough food to actually power my body.

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