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Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 4 - 3-bet...

by threads13, 1 day ago, 58 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Ask threads13: NLHE Concepts: C-betting...

by threads13, 11 days ago, 20 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 2

by threads13, 26 days ago, 55 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Ask threads13: NLHE Concepts: Defending...

by threads13, about 1 month ago, 25 min

No Limit Hold'Em


Threads13 Plays: 2 Tables 25NL Zone - P...

by threads13, 2 months ago, 41 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 2 tables, 6M

Mentor: Threads13 Reviews 2 Tables of C...

by threads13, 4 months ago, 40 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Familiarization: Episode 3

by Carroters, 5 months ago, 42 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Carroters Plays: Festive 50nl Zoom Session

by Carroters, 5 months ago, 34 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 3 tables, 6M

Threads13 Plays: Live 2 Tabling 25nl Zone

by threads13, 5 months ago, 42 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 2 tables, 6M

Familiarization: Episode 2

by Carroters, 6 months ago, 41 min

No Limit Hold'Em


no limit Poker Articles

3-betting is Overrated
by BalugaWhale on about 9 years ago

Hey y’all I’m chilling at Logan airport in boston waiting for my flight to leave for the British Virgin Islands (supposedly paradise), and so i’m going to write a little bit about why I think 3-betting is overused. Essentially, I think 3-betting is something that average play... Read More

pr1nnyraiding: a heads-up strategy
by KRANTZ on over 9 years ago

This is a work in progress. How do you play heads-up No-Limit? You raise your button regardless of your cards (raising creates pressure). until you have a reason not to. You don’t fold top pair (because 2-handed no one ever has anything). until you have a reason to. You bluff a lot ... Read More

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Diary of a Donk: Escaping the Dungeons of Online Poker...

Thoughts on playing the flush draw in NL

2012-03-18 12:29 AM

Before I get to a couple of hands I played badly from a couple of recent sessions, I thought I’d just waffle a little bit about the naked 4card flush draw in a game of No Limit. A lot of people at micro stakes overplay their flopped flush draws in my opinion, after all, you only get there a third of the time right? The remaining majority of the time you will miss, and if your draw is naked ie. no pairs o ... <a href="/blogs/kepalto/87831-Thoughts-on-playing-the-flush-draw-in-NL">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

It’s been a long time, been a long…

2011-07-14 02:38 AM

So, it’s been a while since last I blogged. That’s mostly because not much is going on in the way of poker and the rest of my life hasn’t been all that exciting as far as writing goes. I haven’t gone to the casino since my $300 losing session at $1-2 NLHE, but I have been playing quite a bit of the uber-nano stakes online at Cake. It’s been a rocky road type of month as far as results go. I had a gre ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/72231-It-s-been-a-long-time-been-a-long-">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

It was only a matter of time…

2011-06-27 05:52 PM

This summer is really flying by so far. My wife reminded me that next weekend is the 4th of July and I haven’t even put the air conditioners in yet. At least we’re saving money on the electric bill. My online challenge is moving ahead rather nicely. If you recall, I was moving in the wrong direction due to the fact that I took a few shots playing NLHE on a very small BR compared to what was required. I de ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/71051-It-was-only-a-matter-of-time-">(continued)</a>


Small/Midstakes to HU4Rollz vs Highstakes/Nosebleeds

First 2-3 Weeks Back

2011-01-31 08:41 PM

A lil bout myself: Im 20 from Miami, FL. Go to college in Canada.  I played online last year jan to april and made ~10k starting with a 50dlr deposit. Started with 1.5k in the summer and played live poker as a summer job turning it to just over 30k by the end of summer. Started to try and play online again and got owned and have been too lazy to re-deposit/try again. (Previous goals thread going from like $40 to $1k an ... <a href="/blogs/chamaican66/55101-First-2-3-Weeks-Back">(continued)</a>


Rollercoaster (NLHE HU)

Newcomer to the HU fields

2010-03-20 12:17 PM

Hi guys. Im 19-year-old dude from Helsinki, Finland. Im currently “doing my time” in the army, which in Finland is mandatory. I serve only 6 months though, which is somewhat a goodlifebeat. And i’ve done &gt;2months already, so im outta there by 7/9. About poker then, I’ve played poker for 4 ish years now. Started from shorthanded NLHE , back then I had no idea what I was doing. Moved to fixed holdem tables (9 ... <a href="/blogs/a9-jake/16251-Newcomer-to-the-HU-fields">(continued)</a>


Seasoning Micro Steaks

Getting the Wheels Turning

2010-03-17 03:47 AM

Its 11:06 pm on Tuesday March 16, 2010 and I am sitting here with my girlfriend as she fills out the U.S. Census for us. She is insisting that I am of Hispanic origin because my father is Portuguese and my mother is Italian, it took a few times but she finally marked me as white. I was born in America, I don’t speak Portuguese, I am not tan, I’m white damnit! This month has been interesting so far, I have had ... <a href="/blogs/besthand17/15911-Getting-the-Wheels-Turning">(continued)</a>


When we get raised or check/raised?

2010-02-03 08:25 PM

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to pots and hands when we get check raised or raised when we make a bet. If I folded every time I got raised or c/r…I think I would be saving a ton of money. The thing is when you have an over pair to the board or tptk and sometimes even two pair, we have to play that guessing game against our opponents. Does he have draw, a set, complet ... <a href="/blogs/goldganesh/9821-When-we-get-raised-or-check-raised-">(continued)</a>

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