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From losing to Whatever...

The Start

2013-05-29 05:36 PM

Hi guys, With the first post of my blog I will talk a little bit about myself.   My name is Pedro, I’m from Portugal, and I’m on my 20’s. I am finishing my degree in Computer Science Engineering. I’ve always had a competitive nature in my, at first on sports, but now it is translating more to Mental games. At first I started to learn how to play chess, and I did it for like 4 months until I was bored with the la ... <a href="/blogs/pedrogrande/101101-The-Start">(continued)</a>


From Redundancy to the High Stakes

Work Problems

2013-01-24 09:26 AM

Just a quick update for anyone that is reading this blog on why i haven’t posted daily since starting this blog.  Straight after Christmas the electronics company I work for announced that 60-70% of the workforce would be made redundant. Not the news you want to hear after Christmas but I suppose there is no good time for this sort of news and we all agreed we would rather find out after Christmas rather than before. With this pro ... <a href="/blogs/stewboi/98581-Work-Problems">(continued)</a>


Back To The Trap House

After Full Ring Session

2012-01-30 07:06 AM

It doesn’t seem like the space bar is working on this website. Anyways, I’m wondering if a pre and post session review is too much. My blog will be there all the time and may annoy people. I’ll try it and see what happens but I think it will be an interesting thing to watch unfold whether I grind through the stakes or go bust again. You can see what went right or what went wrong. I think for now I will do as planned an ... <a href="/blogs/ashthepro/85641-After-Full-Ring-Session">(continued)</a>


Back To The Trap House

I guess it's Full Ring Tonight

2012-01-30 04:20 AM

The reason I want to play as many different games as possible is that I heard a long time ago that playing one form of poker helps you with other games. It helps you see the other games in a new light but there is something to the fact that the best players in the world play all the games. Of course there has to be consistent themes that apply to all forms of poker. I know what I want to be, a poker player. Not ... <a href="/blogs/ashthepro/85621-I-guess-it-s-Full-Ring-Tonight">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Crushing Jeopardy

2011-11-20 04:01 PM

The man, the myth, the legend.     The process.    


Taking it to the next level

how much time to dedicate to learning poker with a job?

2011-09-04 12:11 PM

As I posted previously, I was going to move to a new city, took some time off etc.. I became a member in late June – been unavailable for 4 weeks (trips etc…) so in total lets say about 1,5 months of available poker learning time, and here is my input into poker learning: about 3000 hands and 20 hrs, on avg I multitable 2 tables only (I’m just starting my “serious” online experience). I mus ... <a href="/blogs/gaojie/76541-how-much-time-to-dedicate-to-learning-poker-with-a-job-">(continued)</a>


Fish and Chips

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day

2011-06-07 05:58 PM

This is it.  The end.  Terminus.  Finitum .  I’ve messed around in poker for a number of years now, from home games to casinos to online. I’ve lost money playing poker for a number of years now, from home games to casinos to online. This is where I draw a line in the sand and move from being a casual player into a winner, this is where I stop riding the variance train to crazy town and grind my way to a ... <a href="/blogs/cns/69481-Give-a-man-a-fish-and-he-will-eat-for-a-day">(continued)</a>


Heil Ze Blog!

The Forgetting Curve

2011-06-01 01:31 AM

How would you like to remember everything you ever learn? Sounds too good to be true, I know, and probably impossible. Besides, I don’t wanna remember some of the random stuff I see on the internet. But there is a way to remember most or at least way more of the stuff you want to know. At the beginning of the 20th century, Hermann Ebbinghaus did some major research into memory and more specifically, retention. What he ... <a href="/blogs/theboymustdie/68901-The-Forgetting-Curve">(continued)</a>


Heil Ze Blog!


2011-05-27 12:32 PM

What a strange word. Blog. It’s almost like a Scandinavian religious word or something: Loki 4:22 ‘And Valhalla was empty for a time and half a time. Loki shook the heavens with his voice, and it let loose a giant blog. And the humans were afraid.’ I’m thinking this is an excellent way to keep an online journal. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m Canadian, in my 20’s. I am a student at University in fall and winter. After having ... <a href="/blogs/theboymustdie/68531-YO-">(continued)</a>


Trying to get serious


2011-03-18 08:44 PM

So I am now attempting to take this game more seriously with the end goal of hopefully making small/mid stakes when school starts so I will not really need to have a real job.  This will involve a DC subscription which I have had in the past but did not have the time to put into absorbing the information available.  This time I will make the time and watch more videos.  I will also take more advantage of 2+2 although I feel as if their fo ... <a href="/blogs/lobomos/61171-First">(continued)</a>

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