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Meddling Midstakes

Before and After...

2013-05-03 11:11 PM

Before: Villain owns my plays in every way   After: I level up and analyze his game  


Oba donk eh?

Learning to Profit from Note-Taking

2010-12-13 12:41 AM

It’s drummed into us over and over that we should take notes about our opponents to help develop reads. However, I’ve struggled to get any value from my notes until recently.   An observation by DrGrip – a forum member on DC – led me to re-evaluate how I take notes…


PT3 analysis (viewable ;) )

2010-06-03 08:30 AM

My last post was bugged because i copy/pasted from word. Decided to repost it without c/p from word: It took me some days to post this, was kinda lazy taking the pics and was very into watching grindcores the thin red line, my favorite series on DC by far! Really inspirational and just the kind of poker i really would like to play. Anyway, i analyzed some stats of mine and come up with the following result:  As a guidel ... <a href="/blogs/skorzy/26551-PT3-analysis-viewable-">(continued)</a>


jjd323's blog

Remember The Milk

2010-01-02 02:00 PM

My flatmate Rick suggested a long time ago that I should use a program like “Remember the Milk” to organise my tasks. Well, I installed it yesterday, and it turns out that there is a plug-in for GMail too – which is awesome for an email junkie like myself. One thing I have started doing, which stops me from losing focus during a session, is I can just pop in a note such as “ 15th analyse KhQ hand on monotone flop ”, ... <a href="/blogs/jjd323/5021-Remember-The-Milk">(continued)</a>

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