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Zavodovski's Poker Blog

Break Over - Back to Poker!

2012-05-19 05:08 PM

Hi, To preface with a quick note – I used to post here under the handle ‘Dumas’ but changed it for my own idiosyncratic OCD reasons ;) Anyway, on with the blog. I’m actually just making an effort to return to poker, and by association the DC forums, after a couple-month long hiatus from playing – primarily on account of this: Following on from a smooth run at 5NL, getting crushed so comprehensively at 10NL was ... <a href="/blogs/zavodovski/90651-Break-Over-Back-to-Poker-">(continued)</a>


The paranoid Grinder.

F THIS! im stuck and restarting. (recommend books)

2010-05-19 09:31 PM

This will be a short post. Im stuck over 10bi today and got effed by the swedish IRS . Had to withdraw almost my full br. Withdrew from microgaming anyway. I will restart tomorrow by depositing 500$ on betfair playing 20NL I have 5 days of play before going to the sunny florida. Ive got 23 hours of traveling so plz recomend some books i can read on the plane. Crossing the atlantic only takes 9 hours :D Current bankroll : 500$ Winnings : – 1 bankroll

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