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Bringing the Micro's to the Scenesters.

uNL, thy name is metalcore.

2011-04-02 04:27 AM

While I write this first blog of my uNL career. Let me first say I’m hoping to god that no one is reading it. I’m also hoping to god that no one ever reads it. In all honesty the only reason I’m making this blog is for myself (how very egocentrical of you, me.) But its nice to think that I’ll have somewhere to vent my frustrations about uNL, my goals and my beats. Maybe a brag or two. Who knows.   First: Who I am and ... <a href="/blogs/emopants/63351-uNL-thy-name-is-metalcore-">(continued)</a>

Thefishytrail2p2avatar copy

Filthy Rich Fish

No Money No Honey

2011-01-15 10:35 PM

Only hours away from leaving Brussels. The reasons are unclear.  Unlocked my Full Tilt Year End Bonus and made over +$3K grinding 100NL FR Rush Poker extensively for the past two weeks. Good start of the year. But now it’s time to go…. One final trip to Cambodia, brags, beats and variance at my blog  


Running for the red line

Paying my dues with a cold deck

2010-01-18 11:55 PM

1000 hands of brutal nastyness, It’s times like this a player really starts to ask questions of himself, and that’s never a good thing. I’ve had 25000 really good hands since November when I got a lot of the bugs out of my postflop play. 3 bad sessions is just irrelevant. If I have to settle in for 50 bad sessions I’d rather face them with my head up and my shoulders straight. I checked my history, looked ... <a href="/blogs/ron0914/7371-Paying-my-dues-with-a-cold-deck">(continued)</a>


Running Like Antonius...

Random musings; structured thoughts

2009-05-17 11:36 PM

Well here it is, my first ever blog post! I think I’m going to keep this first post kinda short and simple, ease myself into this new environment, if you will. However, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect any interest in this blog without providing just a little bit of initial information about myself and my goals for this outlet to the wider world. Goals….don’t you just love them!? It’s one of my short ... <a href="/blogs/uhhduhhh/117-Random-musings-structured-thoughts">(continued)</a>

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