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On the Woodway

50k Hands Challenge

2011-11-03 07:39 AM

On occacsion of the 50k-Hands-Challenge I decided to make my first post here (hurray) My Plans for this challenge are to play NL10 on Ongame, which means 10 Buyins because I’m a Baller on a Budget and as usual to play 4 Tables. Actually I started yesterday with my first session, which was a bit swingy, but ended down 28bbs (and actually 125bbs up in a weird NL4 HU match, but I’m not going to count that ;) ) (I’m goin ... <a href="/blogs/prinzvonhapunkt/80031-50k-Hands-Challenge">(continued)</a>


Poker and life: about nothing and everything

50k challenge: Doubled bankroll!

2010-12-03 02:11 PM

This is just a quick update. After a breakeven day yesterday, i ran pretty good today: Overall month:   Can’t compain :D


Poker and life: about nothing and everything

DC50k challenge: solid first day!

2010-12-01 05:56 PM

This was the first day in the 50k DC challenge, and as I mentioned in my last post, I hoped for some run good. I think I had it: That’s way longer than my normal sessions. But with some good breaks i felt really good about playing. I obv. made some big mistakes – as usual. But overall I can’t complain.  Here the biggest screw up from my side: The villian as a loose/aggro player: 46/26 and a 3b on 19%! He is rai ... <a href="/blogs/miro347/47511-DC50k-challenge-solid-first-day-">(continued)</a>


Poker and life: about nothing and everything

50k DC challenge

2010-11-29 11:35 AM

Last night I had my first winning session in a while. During the last week I’ve played very little poker, but when I played, I lost. So last night was a relief. And looking back is ecstatic: I WON 2 dollars!!!!! ;D Anyway, I signed for the 50k hands in 3 months challenge. It will be hard to get the volume in with 4 tables PLO with my limited time – but challenge accepted! firstly, this challenge shouldn’t change my own goal t ... <a href="/blogs/miro347/47081-50k-DC-challenge">(continued)</a>

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