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Page 2: I can't take it anymore and I probably suck. FML

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Steppin Razor

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Topic title says it all. 2.33 years on I'm back at NL10 because I busto'ed with my first BR after running 12k under EV at NL100 and 200. I'm now 18.5 bi under EV in 28k hands at nl10 and 25. I can't even beat NL10. It's not even that I think I'm good and running bad, though the EV BB/100 says that's the case. I actually just can't beat NL10 obviously and am now convinced I suck. I give up. I have no heart this stupid game has taken it.

In the interests of this not being a whine and purely a whine at me sucking, not being able to beat NL10, etc etc. any constructive suggestions for breaking this rut? It's very disheartening. Graphs to come.

(Skip down to the last paragraph for the relevant part.)

Been there, man. I played 25NL up to 200NL, just spanking the games. I was settled in nicely at 200, looking forward to moving up in a little while, even though I'd heard 400 was a weirdly tough level. I took out 3/5ths of my roll because I was poor and needed to go to a friend's wedding. That was two years ago. I dropped down to 100 (with 15BIs), dbled it quick. Then over the next year (I'm a recreational player, so not a ton of hands) I ran it down to the nub getting the craziest suckouts and coolers, and the resultant crapulent play.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty crappy about the whole deal, and came very close to quitting. I took a few weeks off and then I got Elements of Poker. That helped me get back into it a little. Then I got squished again and thought, f**k that book Poke Tongue. I took more time off, read it again, and started playing. The book is great, but it can't smack you upside the head when you play and everything in it goes out the window.
I wish I could say I had a better approach, but really what I got to was past Mike Caro's threshhold of pain. I was ready to either lose what was left and go away forever or win and keep playing.
I kept playing. I was doing well at 50 and 100 more recently, until I got hammered again for 15 buyins at 100 (I had taken shots at 20BIs, moved up at 25). AA sucks at 100NL.

I am a much worse player than I was, even though I'm not playing with such a small BR relative to stakes (sort of). I can feel my regression. It's why I joined DC.

Stop playing. Let it go. The biggest problem I had was that I thought I was decently good at this game, and worse players than I were succeeding while I didn't. There's nothing anyone can do about that, and it really doesn't mean anything. My advice is to play a sport. Flag football, soccer, whatever. It's not the end of the world when you get points scored on you even if the other team sucks. When your team scores, it's awesome. And you have fun. And even though you'll never be a pro football player, it's fun to have your little piece of the game once a week. After a while, come back to poker when you expect the same thing out of it as you do whatever game you've been playing.

Posted about 8 years ago


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Dropping tables is helping me with my suckiness. I'm taking more notes, making reads, extracting, finding spots, etc instead of flailing. The margins are so thin, everything counts so less mistakes equals more profit. Just for kicks, maybe sit down alone at a single 10nl table and play some fish for his 60bb BR HU. It's fun, remember that? Also embrace the Coaching Tree if you haven't. FWIW, I'm still bad but I'm beating 25nl, for now.

Posted about 8 years ago


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Joliq - If you want a sweat session, or just want to chat about poker or whatever, shoot me a PM. MAybe a different set of eyes might help you spot some leaks...

Posted about 8 years ago


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How long is the "Longrun"?

It is really, really long. It is longer than most of us think IMO.

Posted about 8 years ago


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It is really, really long. It is longer than most of us think IMO.

The real answer is that there is no such thing as the long run. If you are 50 BI down on EV or whatever you should expect to stay 50BI down on EV on average in the future. No kind of long run will fix what has happened.

I feel really bad for the OP because I can share some of the pain and this isnt just a regular bad beat story. The only advice I can suggest is for you to evaluate why you play poker.

You seem to immerse yourself in it and enjoy thinking about it and trying to get better. If it is a hobby to you, taking your time and challenging you this is a great thing. If you happen to make money while doing it, thats great but you should focus on something other than the results. Focus on improving your game, focus on your EV line if you wish if it will help make you feel better but just dont let the variance kill you.

You seem disciplined enough to not play beyond your means for you to have moved back to 10NL and this is something I doubt most players could do having played 100NL/200NL in the past: this is a very important trait, probably one of the most important.

Take the help of others here and try to enjoy the game, enjoy learning and enjoy playing and try to separate these from the results. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about hands/organise a sweat I would be happy to help.

Posted about 8 years ago


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turn off your ev line and dont turn it back on.

how do you do this in HEM?

Posted about 8 years ago


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how do you do this in HEM?

just unclick it in the graphs section and for the reports section hit the minus button to the left of the report and select all in ev.

Posted about 8 years ago

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